I Copy Talents | Chapter 678 | Huo Yuner Is Going To Fight Ye Chen

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Chapter 678 Huo Yuner Is Going To Fight Ye Chen

 Huo yun'er, standing on the central arena, looks extremely cold.

"Tong'er, you must be very disappointed that ye Chen, who has been thinking about day and night, is such a shrinking turtle?"

Hongyun'er smiles coldly.

The child in her mouth is naturally Xiaohong!

Suddenly, a warrior exclaimed:

"here comes the commander-in-chief!"

A thousand layers of waves at a glance!

All the people present looked at the past in unison.

It is found that ye Chen and all the people in Canglong courtyard are walking slowly towards here.

See the leaf dust came, everyone can't stop excited.

Just because they think that Huo yun'er is too arrogant.

Now that the dust is coming, don't you give the fire rhyme a little color to see?

Fire yun'er's expression can't help but get colder.

Ye Chen!

She spoke coldly.

All the people standing under the central arena gave way one after another.

Ye Chen came to the center of the challenge arena.

"You are..."

Before he finished his words, his pupils shrank violently.

Because ye Chen has already recognized the identity of the woman in red.

"Are you Xiao Hong's sister?"

Leaf dust's face appeared a touch of surprise color.

"Ye Chen, let's fight!"

Fire rhyme son to leaf dust hook finger!

Ye Chen a Zheng, he naturally does not understand why fire yun'er wants to fight with him.

"Name: Huo yun'er."

"Talent: Fire talent."

"Realm: Three Star battle Zun."

The talent of Huo yun'er appears on the retina of leaf dust.

Ye Chen thinks that although the fire spirit sky bird only has the fire department talent, but their flame is white.

White flame, in addition to that super flame, is the most terrible flame.

And as a fire spirit bird, it naturally has corresponding skills.

Ye Chen goes to the challenge arena. He wants to ask Huo yun'er what's going on.

"Huo yun'er, why do you want to fight with me?"

Ye Chen's face is very confused.

Fire rhyme son smell speech look extremely cold up, she is dead looking at leaf dust.

"Originally, I didn't care to come to such a small place, but tong'er thinks about you day and night. I'm here now..."

Fire rhyme son's words have not finished, they were interrupted by leaf dust.

"Are you here to kill me?"


Huo yun'er's expression became colder and colder, "only if you are killed, the child will not continue to miss you."

Leaf dust hears speech secretly a smile, he thinks this fire rhyme son is really a bit funny.

He thought that there were only straight men in the world. He never thought there were straight women.

"I'm ready to leave the imperial capital too. Well, I'll go to huolingsheng island with you."

Ye Chen said to the fire rhyme.

This is what he thought. After the fierce animal war, he went to huolingsheng island.


Let leaf dust is very did not think of is, fire rhyme son is to him to drink a big.

"Can you go to my fire spirit island?"

Ye Chen shook his head helplessly.

"Huo yun'er, you can't kill me. What are you going to do?"

Ye Chen looks at the fire rhyme lightly.

Fire rhyme son smell speech cold voice a smile, "like you such mole ant, I can kill you thousands of times in an instant!"

In Huo yun'er's opinion, ye Chen is not only a mole ant, but also a mole ant.

When the people under the challenge arena heard Huo yun'er's words, they all laughed.

Just because they think that Huo yun'er's words are a little too funny.

Before the war with the general manager, did he not know that the general commander was the most powerful person in the Dragon kingdom?


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