I Copy Talents | Chapter 679 | No Fingers With Any Vitality

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Chapter 679 No Fingers With Any Vitality

 Look at the jade dust on her face.

"Ye Chen, I can defeat you with just one blow. Do you believe it?"

Fire yun'er's words made all the people below the central arena shake their heads because they didn't expect that Huo yun'er would dare to say such words.

At the same time, they also know that Huo yun'er has been defeated.

"If you have to fight me, you can do it." The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

Fire rhyme son smell speech pupil a shrink, she did not expect leaf dust can still be so calm.


Just listen to fire rhyme son cold drink a, then toward leaf dust attack come over.

"Yuan Huo Zhang!"

Fire rhyme son erect palm, palm above, terrible yuan force and white flame all show up.

Yuan force and white flame condensed into a terrible palm Gang, toward the leaf dust flew over.

All the people under the challenge arena were surprised when they saw such an attack. Of course, they did not expect that Huo yun'er could launch such a terrible attack.

If it is not ye Chen who is fighting against Huo Yuner, they will not hesitate to think that Huo Yuner will win.

It's a pity that she has no chance of winning against Ye Chen.

Yuan Li and the white flame condensed palm Gang speed is very fast, only in an instant to the leaf dust in front of the body.

It's over, the fire dust has already been finished.

She has absolute confidence in her yuan Huo Zhang!

But the next scene, is to let fire rhyme son startled up.

Just because ye Chen only used a finger without any element force, he resolved her attack.

How probably?!

The pupil of fire rhyme son shrinks suddenly, Yu Rong is full of shock.

She blinked her eyes for fear that she was wrong.

But it turned out that she was not wrong.

"I said, you can't kill me," leaf dust light looking at fire rhyme son, "why don't you believe it?"

Hearing this, Huo yun'er can't help but get more angry.

"It's not over yet."

The voice falls down, fire rhyme son again erect palm.

Above the palm, the white flames of terror began to condense again.

"Huolingtian bird's paw!"

With the fire rhyme son's palm fierce attack, the white flame in her palm condensed into a fire spirit bird, toward the leaf dust fly over.

Ye Chen's face is as calm as water.

In the eyes of ordinary people, such an attack is a terrible existence.

But in the eyes of Ye Chen, that is just so.

When Huo yun'er blows out the bird's paw of fire spirit sky, her white face returns to self-confidence again.

Because she knew that ye Chen could not resist such a blow.


Huo yun'er's expression can't help but get cold. She finds that ye Chen has once again erected a finger without any element force.

Is she ready to use her fingers without any additional force to lightly touch the fire spirit bird condensed by the white flame?

The fire rhyme son thought of here, can't help but the silver teeth clench up.

Sure enough, she was right!

I saw that when the fire spirit bird condensed by the white flame was about to hit Ye Chen's body, ye Chen again used the finger without any element force to lightly touch the fire spirit bird.

The fire spirit bird condensed from the white flame suddenly disappeared.


Fire rhyme son see here, can't help but backward a few steps!

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