I Copy Talents | Chapter 680 | Beat Huo Yuner

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Chapter 680 Beat Huo Yuner

 At this time, the white face of Huo yun'er is absolutely shocked.

Even, this is the most shocking time in her history!

Ye Chen actually used the finger without any element force to dissolve her two attacks?

You know, she has a white flame!

Ye Chen's hand Why can you resist her attack?

Huo yun'er finds that she can't understand even in a dream.

"Now, do you still think you can kill me?"

Leaf dust light looking at a face shocked fire rhyme son.


Huo yun'er is biting her silver teeth. At this time, where can she still say a complete sentence.

"Ye Chen, you're just defending higher. What's so arrogant about?"

After a few seconds, the fire rhyme son is facing the leaf dust cold opening.

Leaf dust smell speech smile, he did not expect fire rhyme son unexpectedly can say such words.

He thought that since the fire rhyme son thought that he could not defeat her, he would let the fire rhyme son see his own strength.

All of a sudden, the leaf dust has stimulated the blink talent.



All the people under the challenge arena were shocked. They found that ye Chen suddenly disappeared in place.

The fire rhyme son also froze, where did she think that the leaf dust will suddenly disappear!

When she saw the leaf dust again, the leaf dust had already come to her body.

See, leaf dust a fist fierce toward fire rhyme son to hit.

This is a blow that can't be more terrifying!

Although it is still not attached with any element force, but it can make people feel terrible to the point of no more.


Fire rhyme son see such a blow hit, she found it is impossible to dodge.

Waiting for her Only death!

When the fire rhyme son thinks he must die, ye Chen stops his fist.

After all, Huo yun'er is Xiao Hong's sister, so she will not choose to kill Huo yun'er.

"You I... "

The fire rhyme son sees the leaf dust to stop the fist, her in the mind is greatly frightened unceasingly, originally white face at the moment becomes pale unceasingly.

"Now, do you think you can kill me?"

Ye Chen looks at the fire rhyme lightly.

Fire rhyme son where dare to say arrogant words to ah, she is dreaming also did not think, leaf dust unexpectedly strong to such a point.

Previously, she thought that she was absolutely able to defeat, even kill Ye Chen.

But now it seems that her idea is not only wrong, but also so thoroughly wrong!

All the people in the center of the challenge arena had a sarcastic smile on their faces.

Just because they all think that the fire rhyme is too much of their own.

Dare to challenge the most incomparable existence of the Dragon state!

They all feel that the fire rhyme at the moment should be aware of their general manager's terror.

"You leave."

Leaf dust to fire rhyme son slowly open mouth.

Huo yun'er was stunned.

Obviously, she didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"You You let me go

"Otherwise, do you want to die here?"

Ye CHENFENG's face was full of fun and ignorance.

At the corner of her mouth, she couldn't help laughing.

She found that leaf dust is the sky, and she is just a mole ant in the world!

God fire bird!

Huo yun'er thinks that in front of Ye Chen, it's just a ridiculous joke.

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