I Copy Talents | Chapter 681 | Old Beggar

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Chapter 681 Old Beggar

 With Huo yun'er's leaving, the people under the central arena are almost scattered.

Ye Chen returned to the villa.

A few days later, he said good-bye to Emperor Heye and alliance leader Gao Yuan.

He thought it was time to go to the Holy Island of fire.

Holy Island of fire.

There are many races on the Fire Spirit Island.

Among them, the most fierce beast!

But there are also many human beings!

For example, leaf dust is coming at this time, which is the cloud city where human beings are.

Diyun city is very prosperous, and there are many human beings.

"High talent."

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

Pedestrians on the street, their talent information constantly appears in the retina of leaf dust.

"Old beggar, what are you doing?"

Suddenly, a fierce looking man was holding the hand of an old beggar.

The old beggar looks about 70 years old. He is very thin and dirty. He hasn't washed his face for a long time.

"Did the old beggar steal money again?"

"It seems so."

"But the old beggar is a strong man."

The passers-by stopped and watched the excitement.

I saw this fierce middle-aged man, his look extremely cold up.

"Old beggar, how dare you steal your grandfather's purse? It seems that you really want to die!"

With that, the middle-aged man put up his big fist of sandbags and hit the old beggar fiercely.

But the old beggar was indifferent.

There is no doubt that the middle-aged man hit the old beggar heavily in the face.


What ye Chen and the middle-aged man didn't expect was that the middle-aged man's hand and the old beggar's face made the sound of steel collision.

This old beggar's face is made of steel?

Ye Chen is happy to himself. It's interesting to think of it.

Then he was ready to explore the old beggar's realm and talent.

"Name: old beggar."

"Race: flamingo."

"Talent: Fire talent."

"Realm: Seven Star earth God of war."


See here, leaf dust can't help but be shocked.

Even if he wanted to break his head, he didn't think that the ugly old beggar was actually a fire spirit bird, and the existence of the Seven Star God of war.

This is too terrible!

"Hehe, I'm so old. It's unforgivable that you even beat me at such an old age."

Said, the old beggar raised his hand, a palm fierce hit the old beggar!


How can a middle-aged man block the slap of an old beggar.

All of a sudden, a crisp slap in the ears of all people.

"What do you say?"

The old beggar looked at the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man did not dare to say a word. His face was full of horror.

"You Yuan Jing, go to dinner."

The old beggar walked away.

Ye Chen thinks that he is now the two-star God of war. Although he is a perfect dragon, he will not be the opponent of the Seven Star God of war.


He thought that since the old beggar was a fire spirit bird and was so terrible, why would he come to the city of human beings to do some sneaking activities?

He watched the old beggar enter an inn.

Ye Chen naturally followed in.

After entering the inn, he found that the old beggar had found a seat.

He sat down with him.

"Little doll, this is my place."

The old beggar skimmed at the leaf dust.

Leaf dust indifferent smile, "elder, this is not only you sit alone."

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