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Chapter 683 Holy City Of Fire Spirit

 The old beggar looked at Ye Chen.

Naturally, he has never seen such a bold human being as ye Chen!

"Little doll, I really don't want to take your life!"

The old beggar said to Ye Chen.

Hearing the old beggar's words, the people around him froze.

They looked at the leaf dust in a hurry.

Then, passers-by all shook their heads, just because they all know that ye Chen's life is about to disappear from this world.

Not because of anything else, just because he offended the old beggar.

"Come on, master."

Seeing the old beggar, ye Chen said to the old beggar.


The old beggar had a drink, and then hit Ye Chen fiercely.

This fist is not attached to any element force.

The onlookers all know how miserable Ye Chen's fate will be.

Even some timid people couldn't bear to look directly at them.


There is no doubt that the old beggar hit Ye Chen's body heavily.


But the next scene, but let all the people present were shocked.

Only because ye Chen didn't die, he didn't even step back.


Looking at such a scene, all the people present were terrified.

Where did they think that ye Chen would not die.

Is this man

Suddenly, all the people present thought of an amazing possibility, that is, ye Chen is a very powerful existence.

Not only the people present, but also the old beggar was shocked.

He would not even dream that it would be such a scene!

"This, this, this..."

Where can an old beggar say a complete sentence.

"Boy, why can you take my hand?"

The old beggar looked at Ye Chen in amazement and asked.

"That's how it was caught."

Ye Chen said.

At this time, the old beggar's heart was full of shock. He could not have imagined such a scene.

Until now, the old beggar finally understood.

Why did ye Chen promise him!

It turned out to be so powerful!

"Master, please do what you say."

Ye Chen said to the old beggar.

Hearing the words, the old beggar came to his senses and said to Ye Chen:

"this is nature."

Then, ye Chen and the old beggar left here, leaving the onlookers standing in the same place.


Holy city of fire spirit.

The holy city, of course, is the habitat of the fire spirit birds.

Ye Chen and the old beggar went outside the holy city of fire spirit.

More than a dozen people of huolingtianniao looked at Ye Chen and the old beggar, and their whole body was immediately shocked.

"Third grandfather, you You're back. "

"Why, don't you welcome me?"

The old beggar's face is flat!

"No, it's not, third grandfather."

More than a dozen huolingtianniao people were shocked to see this.

What ye Chen didn't expect was that the identity of the old beggar was still so high?

But it is. After all, old beggars are so powerful.

In this way, ye Chen and the old beggar entered the holy city of fire spirit!

"Ye Chen, go ahead."

The old beggar looked at Ye Chen, "why did you come to my fire spirit holy city?"

After entering the holy city of fire spirit, the old beggar looked at Ye Chen and asked.

"For little red."

"Xiao Hong?"

The old beggar's dirty face was puzzled. Naturally, he didn't know Xiaohong.

"The fire boy."

Ye Chen said again.

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