I Copy Talents | Chapter 684 | Xiao Hong

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Chapter 684 Xiao Hong

 The old beggar was surprised when he heard the words. Naturally, he didn't expect Ye Chen to say this.

"Ye Chen, you Do you know tong'er? "

"Nature knows."

Ye Chen nodded.

The old beggar was shocked.

"Ye Chen, do you want to see tong'er now?"

"That's right."

Ye Chen thinks that he hasn't seen Xiaohong for a long time. It's time to see her.

"Well, the old man will be a man to the end and send the Buddha to the West!"

Immediately, the old beggar began to take ye dust to the fire spirit palace.

The fire spirit holy palace is naturally the place where the head of the fire spirit holy bird is located.

Before long, ye Chen and the old beggar went to the fire spirit palace.

"Ye Chen, let's go in."

"Good master."

They began to walk towards the fire spirit palace.

Along the way, there are people called the third grandfather of the old beggar.

Ye Chen also understood that the old beggar was the third grandfather of the whole fire spirit holy bird family.

Suddenly, ye Chen saw a familiar person.

No one else, it's fire rhyme.

Huo yun'er looks cold, and she naturally sees the leaf dust.

How dare you come here

Fire rhyme son to the leaf dust cold voice to drink a way.

"Yun'er, what are you doing?"

The old beggar is calm.

Fire rhyme son smell speech this just discover, three grandfather is in.

"Third grandfather, you Do you know him? "

"Yes, of course. We are still friends."

Oh my God!!!

Hearing this, Huo yun'er was stunned.

She never dreamed that the third grandfather would be friends with Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, what have you done to the third grandfather?"

After Huo yun'er came back to God, he looked at Ye Chen, "how could you be friends with ants like you as a third grandfather?"

In fact, this is incredible!

"Ha ha."

Ye Chen smiles, and he slowly opens his mouth to Huo yun'er:

"it's a pity that a mole ant like me has defeated you."


The fire rhyme son hears this speech, the moment is impatient unceasingly rises.

Leaf dust faint smile, his face does not have any fluctuation.

"Ye Chen! You didn't come here to see tong'er, did you? "

Fire rhyme son silver teeth clench, peering at leaf dust unceasingly.


Ye Chen nodded.

He said only one word, but this word contains everything.

"What do you mean?"

Huo yun'er has never seen such a thick skinned person as ye Chen!

Ye CHENFENG's face was puzzled.

He didn't understand what was wrong with Huo yun'er.

"What do you mean? I told you that I came to see Xiao Hong."

Ye Chen said slowly.

However, the old beggar stood aside and watched the good play.

"Ha ha!"

Fire rhyme son extremely disdains looking at the leaf dust.

"Ye Chen, do you think I will let you see tong'er?"

Ye Chen sighed to himself, thinking of the fire rhyme is really a little annoying.

At this time, more and more huolingtianniao people were watching.

"Brother Ye Chen!"

Suddenly, a silver bell like sound was introduced into the ears of Ye dust.

Ye Chen looked at the past along the sound.

Found that he is not someone else, it is Xiaohong!

"Brother Ye Chen!"

Xiao Hong runs to Ye Chen's side and is ready to dive into Ye Chen's arms.

There is no doubt that Xiaohong is stopped by fire rhyme.

"Sister, what are you doing?"

Small red Du mouth, to the fire rhyme son unhappy said.

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