I Copy Talents | Chapter 685 | Huo Kun

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Chapter 685 Huo Kun

 Fire rhyme son stares at small red, "little red, elder sister forbids you to be together with him!"

Finish saying that, the fire rhyme son again coldly looked at the leaf dust one eye.

Ye chenle, he thought the fire rhyme is really too funny.

More and more people gathered around huolingtianniao.

"Who is this man?"

"I don't know. What kind of strong man should be brought by the third grandfather?"

"This man is a human being. It seems that the eldest princess is at odds with this human being."

All the fire spirits and birds were whispering.

"Sister, I'm going to be with brother Ye Chen."

Xiaohong mumbles to Huo yun'er.

"Xiao Hong!"

The fire rhyme son hears the speech naturally is the gas does not hit a place.

Then, the fire rhyme son angry looking at the leaf dust.

"Ye Chen, this is the holy city of fire spirit. I advise you to leave as soon as possible, otherwise..."

Fire rhyme son's words did not finish, but the next meaning has been self-evident.

"Yun'er, are you hitting the third grandfather in the face?"

The old beggar's face sank!

"Third grandfather, how can you turn your elbow out?"

Huo yun'er stamped her feet!

"That's not true. Yun'er, ye Chen is my friend after all."

The old beggar said to Huo yun'er.

"Third grandfather, the patriarch let you in."

Suddenly, a fire spirit bird people to the old beggar's body, said respectfully to the old beggar.

The old beggar chuckled, "well, I haven't seen big brother for a long time."

"Ye Chen, let's go in together."

The old beggar looked at Ye Chen.

Leaf dust nodded, "good."

Immediately, ye Chen and the old beggar walked into the imperial palace.

Xiaohong naturally followed.

The fire rhyme son sees the appearance, white facial expression can't help but extremely cold.

Then she followed.

After a few people arrived at the Imperial Palace, ye Chen saw two old men with great stature.

The two elders are of great stature. They are not angry and self-confident.

"Name: Huo Kun."

"Talent: Fire talent."

"Realm: the nine star earth God of war."

Obviously, huokun is the most powerful existence of huolingtianniao!

Ye Chen can think of it with his toes. Huokun must be the patriarch of huolingtianniao.

Another old man is the realm of the eight star God of war.

"Third, you're back at last."

Huokun said to the old beggar.

The old beggar turned his lips. "Big brother, I just have fun in the human place."

Huokun hears speech and shakes his head. He really has no way to take his third brother.


Suddenly, fire rhyme son called to fire Kun.

"Yun'er, what can I do for you?"

Fire Kun's old face appeared a touch of doubt.

Immediately, Huo yun'er told her grandfather the whole story.


All the people in the palace were stunned.

Naturally, they didn't expect that Huo yun'er would say such words.

"Yun'er, is that true?"

"If you go back to my grandfather, it's true."

Finish saying that, fire rhyme son is very proud to see ye Chen one eye, seem to say to leaf dust, see what you do now.

But let fire rhyme son in any case did not think of is that ye Chen's face is actually calm as water, as if nothing had happened at all.

Seeing this, Huo yun'er was shocked.

Just because she really can't understand why Ye Chen can be so calm!

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