I Copy Talents | Chapter 687 | Fight With Huoyun

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Chapter 687 Fight With Huoyun


Huoyun naturally didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing, and his heroic face was very angry.

"Ye Chen, I am the first day of huolingtian bird clan. Do you despise me?"

Huoyun stares at Ye Chen.

Leaf dust hears speech to shake head secretly, he does not have any despise fire cloud meaning.

It's just huoyun, but seven star battle Zun, can't be his opponent at all.

The fire spirits and birds in the palace hall were also angry.

Huoyun was the first day of their huolingtianniao. Ye Chen said this, it was like beating their huolingtianniao people's face!

"Do you really want to fight me?"


Huoyun was biting his teeth and almost squeezed out this sentence from his teeth.

"Well, where is it?"

Ye Chen looked at the fire cloud and asked.

"Whatever you want

Huoyun said.

All the fire spirit birds in the palace hall, except the old beggars, don't believe Ye Chen is so strong!

Even little red, also some can't believe!

After all, huoyun is the first genius of their huolingtianniao clan!

Fire rhyme son seems to hate leaf dust, disgusted to the point of explosion, she angrily stare at leaf dust.

"Ye Chen, do you really think you are the opponent of brother huoyun?"

Fire yun'er said coldly to the leaf dust.

Ye Chen smiles to himself, and he naturally doesn't understand why the fire rhyme son hates him so much.

He thought that he did not provoke this fire rhyme son.

"Just wait and see."

Ye Chen spoke slowly to the fire rhyme.


Fire rhyme son silver teeth clench, she is really too angry.

She even felt that this was the most angry time she had ever had!

"We are in the hall, and we are in the great hall

Huoyun suddenly said to Ye Chen.

The main hall of the imperial palace is very large. It is not impossible to fight in the first World War.

"All right."

Ye Chen nodded.

He knew that he could defeat huoyun with only one blow.

The fire cloud sees the leaf dust to agree, his face passed a touch of gloomy and cold color.

"Huoyun, what you represent is our huolingtianniao family. Don't let us lose face!"

"Don't worry, granddad, he can't be my opponent at all!"

Huoyun's face became very confident.

Ye Chen couldn't help laughing at his words. He didn't understand why huoyun dared to be so confident.

Does he know that he is just a poor ant in front of himself?

See, fire cloud began to confront with leaf dust.

Fire rhyme son's face is still cold, she coldly stares at the leaf dust.

She thought that she could see the dishevelled appearance of Ye Chen. She even thought of such a picture.

Suddenly, the fire cloud moved!

I saw that a white Skybird condensed by a single force flew towards the leaf dust, and its speed was like lightning.

Ye Chen's face is as calm as water. Such an attack is not enough to see in front of him.

He just put up a finger, he dissolved the white sky bird formed by Yuan Li.


All the fire spirit birds in the hall of the emperor's palace were shocked to see such a scene.

Just because they would never have thought of such a scene.

This How is that possible?

Don't say it's them, it's huoyun who is shocked.

"Damn it!"

Huo yun'er looks at the scene in front of her, her whole body can't help shaking up.

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