I Copy Talents | Chapter 689 | Xiaohong Is Going To Retreat

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Chapter 689 Xiaohong Is Going To Retreat

 All the fire spirits and birds in the palace hall were startled.

They thought, is it true what the third grandfather said?

Ye dust really by the three grandfather's palm, not only nothing, but also not a step backward?

Looking at the look on the third grandfather's face, they chose to believe.

"Yes, ye Chen, why can you take the third one's hand without anything?"

The old face of Huo Kun, the head of Huo Lingtian bird clan, is also puzzled.

"Because," Ye Chen did not know how to say, he touched his head, "because that's how it was caught."

He doesn't want to talk about his own affairs.

Hearing this, all the fire spirit birds in the hall of the Imperial Palace all looked at each other.

"Yun'er, don't be so hostile to Ye Chen in the future."

A few seconds later, Huo Kun, the head of Huo Lingtian bird clan, said to Huo yun'er.

"Why, grandfather."

Huo yun'er said indignantly.

Huo Kun did not continue to speak, just because he knew that the talent like Ye Chen is to look at the whole world, which is also a rare existence!

In this way, ye Chen came out of the palace.

Xiaohong naturally followed.

"Brother Ye Chen, you are too strong. I thought you were not brother huoyun's opponent."

Xiao Hong smiles sweetly at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen pinches Xiaohong's lovely little face.

At this time, Xiaohong is wearing a blue water cigarette skirt and a ponytail. She looks very cute, just like a porcelain doll.

"In fact, I'm not too good, just average."

Said to Ye Hongchen.

"I've lost sight of it!"

Suddenly, a cold sound appeared in the ear of leaf dust.

Ye Chen of course knows whose voice it is.

He turned around and looked at the fire rhyme son, and a look of doubt appeared on his face.

"Huo yun'er, in fact, I don't understand why you are so hostile to me?"

Leaf dust to fire rhyme son asks a way.

Fire rhyme son did not expect, leaf dust can say such words.


Fire rhyme son thought about it for a while, she found that she did not know why, she would hate leaf dust so much.

"No why!"

Don't know how to answer the fire rhyme son, had to leave the four words to leaf dust!

"Brother Ye Chen, I'm going to close down."

Small red suddenly tooted up the mouth, the lovely small face appeared a touch of unhappy color.

"Shut up?"

The leaf dust detected Xiaohong's message.

"Name: fire boy."

"Talent: Fire talent."

"Realm: Ten Star War emperor."

Ye Chen understood, and he thought that Xiao Hong should be fighting for the honor level.

"Tong'er, you know you're going to close down soon. I thought you didn't know."

Fire rhyme son hate iron not steel look at red.

Brother, don't spit fire at me now

Fire rhyme son did not answer, her jade face is very cold.

"Brother Ye Chen, tong'er is going to shut down now."

Xiaohong reluctantly said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded.

With that, Xiao Hong left.

At this time, only leaves dust and fire rhyme son two people.

Naturally, they did not deal with it. Fire yun'er snorted at the leaf dust and left.

Huo Kun, the head of huolingtianniao clan, has asked people to arrange accommodation for ye Chen.

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