I Copy Talents | Chapter 691 | Ice Crystal Demon Tiger

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Chapter 691 Ice Crystal Demon Tiger

 Ye Chen was stunned. He did not expect that Huo yun'er would suddenly say such words.


He thought that there should not be any powerful fierce animals in this place. There is nothing worth hunting.

"Ha ha!"

Fire rhyme son cold voice a smile, she looked at the leaf dust, "leaf dust, you are not afraid of it?"

In Huo yun'er's opinion, ye Chen must be afraid.


Ye Chen smiles, and he thinks that the fire rhyme is a little too interesting.

"I've never known fear."

The leaf dust flushes the fire, the rhyme son slowly opens a mouth.

The fire rhyme son hears this speech, can't help but some stay, immediately her silver tooth can't help but bite.

She really did not understand why Ye Chen's face was so thick!

"Ye Chen, since you are not afraid, let's go!"

Fire rhyme son says to leaf dust.

Say, fire rhyme son then rate walked out first.

Leaf dust helplessly shook his head, he also had to follow to go out.

At this time, the place where they were located was called xudi. Naturally, there were many fierce beasts.

However, in Ye Chen's opinion, there is no strong fierce beast in this virtual land.


Suddenly, a dozen fierce beasts appear in front of Ye Chen and Huo yun'er.

There is a dull color on Ye Chen's face, because such a fierce beast is too weak in Ye Chen's eyes.

Suddenly, a dozen fierce beasts in front of the two people rushed forward.


Ye Chen directly blows out a fist, and the talent of higher power drives out an invisible terror force, and fiercely attacks more than ten fierce beasts.

How can a dozen fierce beasts resist such an attack.

All of a sudden, these more than a dozen fierce beasts were beaten into powder by the invisible terror!

Fire rhyme son's face did not appear fluctuation, because a dozen fierce beasts in her eyes, is also incomparably weak.

"Ye Chen, there are many fierce beasts in the virtual land. Let's go on hunting."

Say, fire rhyme son continues to walk toward empty deep.

Ye Chen looks at the back of huoyun'er, and he can't help appearing a bit of doubt on his face, just because he doesn't understand what Huo yun'er is going to do.


Is it really just to hunt and kill fierce animals?

Ye Chen doesn't want to believe it anyway!

They hunted and killed fierce beasts all the way. Before long, they went to the depths of the void.

Just to the depth of the void, leaf dust felt a trace of danger, but not strong.

Ye Chen originally thought that there would be no powerful fierce beast in this empty land, but now it seems that he is wrong.

They were surrounded by ancient trees that blocked out the sun, making it difficult for the sun to enter.

A cool feeling was introduced into Ye Chen's body.


All of a sudden, another terrible beast's roar came.

An ice crystal tiger rushed out.

The ice crystal tiger stopped ten meters away from ye Chen and huoyun'er.

"Ice crystal Tiger: fierce beast."

"Talent: ice talent."

"Realm: intermediate beast, respected beast, fierce beast."

Ye Chen naturally didn't expect that the ice crystal tiger was still an intermediate level beast with high level of ferocity.

He glanced at the fire rhyme son beside him, and found that the fire rhyme son's face appeared a touch of satisfaction.

Seeing this, ye Chen understood.

He thought that Huo yun'er might be the one who led him here. Let the ice crystal demon tiger deal with him.

It's really a wasp tail needle. It's the most poisonous woman's heart.

Ye Chen shook his head secretly.

It's a pity, how could this ice crystal tiger be his opponent.

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