I Copy Talents | Chapter 692 | Come To Earth Cloud City

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Chapter 692 Come To Earth Cloud City

 "Ye Chen, this is the ice crystal demon tiger, which is an intermediate level beast. You don't have fire talent. What do you do?"

Fire rhyme son complacent to leaf dust say.

Leaf dust's face appeared a touch of cold, if this fire rhyme son is not Xiaohong's elder sister, then she is already a corpse.

His temper is not so good.

However, he thought that the words of Huo yun'er were too funny.

This ice crystal demon tiger is only an intermediate level beast, but it still needs fire talent?

One blow to death.

"Ye Chen, don't you say you never know what fear is?" Fire rhyme son see leaf dust did not speak, "now?"

Ice crystal demon tiger is still staring at Ye Chen, as if he is looking at Ye Chen!

"Ha ha."

Ye Chen smiles.

Fire rhyme son see this shape, her whole body can not help for a shock, just because she really did not think, how can ye dust also laugh out.

"You What are you laughing at

"Does this ice crystal tiger really need to be destroyed by fire?"


Fire rhyme son white face appeared a touch of arrogance.

They fire spirit bird family is unique, each clan has the fire department talent, but also has the white flame!

"Do you think I have fire talent?"

Ye Chen asks suddenly to the fire rhyme son.

Hearing this, Huo yun'er can't help but be surprised again.

She didn't understand why Ye Chen said this, could it be that

A surprising possibility occurred to her.

Ye Chen has the fire talent.

Immediately, Huo yun'er shook her head secretly. She felt that ye Chen could not have the talent of fire department in any case.


Just listen to the intermediate beast reverence level fierce beast ice crystal demon tiger roar, then toward the leaf dust pounce.

Fire rhyme son is to retreat to one side, look at the good play from oneself.

It was just when the ice crystal demon tiger, a fierce beast of intermediate rank, was about to pounce on Ye Chen.

Ye Chen opens his hand

Blue, purple, red, black, white five kinds of flame appeared in his palm.


The five colors of fire condensed together, and quickly hit the ice crystal demon tiger, a fierce beast of intermediate rank.

Ice crystal magic tiger looked at such a five color flame hit, pupil fierce contraction!

But it's too late.

All of a sudden, the five color flames hit the ice crystal demon tiger, a fierce beast of intermediate level.

Ice crystal demon tiger, a fierce beast of intermediate rank, has no time to scream, and its life will disappear from this world forever.

This How is that possible?

In the side of the fire rhyme son has been completely shocked.

She would not even dream that ye Chen not only has the talent of fire department, but also has five colors of flame.

Her eyes were wide open, and she was as rigid as a clay sculpture.

"I'm sorry," the leaf dust light looked at the fire rhyme son, "let you down."

Fire rhyme son at this time where can still say a complete sentence to ah.

"You You... "

Ye Chen did not continue to pay attention to the fire rhyme, but walked slowly toward the empty ground.

When Huo yun'er comes back to her senses, ye Chen has gone out more than ten steps away, and she quickly follows up.

They arrived at diyun city.

Diyun city is the largest city of Huoling Holy Island. There are numerous powerful families in the city.

This talent contest of diyun city is also a grand event of the whole city!

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