I Copy Talents | Chapter 693 | Disgusting Sound

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Chapter 693 Disgusting Sound

 Now there are still a few days to go before the talent Dabi of diyun city.

As long as you get the top three talents in diyun City, you can be qualified to enter the Wuji gate.

Wuji war gate, that is the supreme power of the fire spirit Holy Island!

The genius of the whole city is ready to go, just waiting for the day of talent contest.

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

"High talent."

People ten meters away from the leaf dust, their talent constantly appears in the retina of leaf dust.

"We Where are we going now? "

Fire rhyme son says to leaf dust in a low voice.

After learning that ye Chen has a five color flame, huoyun'er seems to be afraid of Ye Chen.

"Find a place to live."

The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

Immediately, they entered an inn.

There are already many people in the inn.

They found a seat and sat down. After ordering a few dishes at random, they began to eat and drink.

"Hey, hey

"Little girl?"

Suddenly, a disgusting voice appeared in the ear of leaf dust.

Leaf dust along the sound to see the past, found a drunk middle-aged man came over.

The middle-aged man's face has a scar, looks like those who are extremely vicious!

Huo yun'er frowns!

"Name: Gao Hu."

"Cultivation talent: high."

"Hidden talent: second power talent."

"Realm: Seven Star War general."

The talent and realm information of middle-aged man appeared in Ye Chen's eyes.

Looking at the middle-aged man's information, ye Chen can't help shaking his head secretly.

It was a little too weak, he thought.

"Girl, are you alone?"

Gao Hu looks at the fire rhyme son to smile a way.

All the people in the inn were shocked.

They all know that they are Gao family!

Although Gao's family in diyun city is only a family of eighteen, it can not be provoked by anyone.

"Go away!"

Huo yun'er gives Gao Hu a cold drink directly.


All the people in the inn were shocked when they heard the speech. Of course, they didn't expect that the temper of Huo yun'er was so hot!


Naturally, Gao Hu didn't think of it. His look changed!

"It seems that you are toasting and not eating or drinking?"

Gao Hu rushes to the fire rhyme son to drink a way.

"You know, I am..."

But Gao Hu's words have not finished, his whole body has been inverted out.


Looking at such a scene, all the people in the inn were shocked.

Just because they didn't see ye Chen or Huo yun'er's hand at all, Gao Hu flew out upside down.

In their opinion, this is really incredible.

Gao Hu heavily hit the ground, he also muddled up.

"This, this, this..."

Gao Hu swallows his mouth.

"Who did it?"

A moment later, Gao Hu came to his senses, and he yelled at Ye Chen and Huo yun'er.

He didn't see ye Chen or Huo yun'er, but in his opinion, he was just drunk, so he didn't see it.

"It's me!"

Fire rhyme son cold smile, white face appeared a thick sarcastic color.

"I don't know what it means to be a mole ant like you, even if you dare to attack me!"

Huo yun'er looks at Gao Hu with great disdain.

When all the people in the inn heard this, they naturally understood it. They all knew that Huo Yuner must be a warrior who came to join the talent contest in diyun city!

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