I Copy Talents | Chapter 695 | Are You Really Afraid Of Death

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Chapter 695 Are You Really Afraid Of Death

 At this time, dozens of Gao's Warriors also got up from the ground. When they saw Gao Hu holding Ye Chen, their faces all showed a sneer.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Suddenly, Gao Hu burst out laughing.

He thought as expected and he thought, leaf dust is really just a weak poor mole ant.

"Now, your boyfriend is in my hands. What are you going to do?"

Gao Hu looks at Huo yun'er triumphantly.

Hearing this, Huo yun'er could not help appearing a blush on her white face.

"What are you talking about? He's not my boyfriend


Gao Hu was surprised when he heard the speech, "no Not your boyfriend? "


After a few seconds, Gao Hu snorted, "even if he is not your boyfriend, he is also your friend!"

"Your friend is being held hostage by me. What are you going to do now?"

Gao Hu stares at the fire and says.

"I don't know what to do."

Fire rhyme son doesn't matter.

Gao Hu looks at the look on Huo yun'er's face. He is shocked to the extreme because she has never seen such a person as Huo yun'er.

"Aren't you afraid I'll kill your friend?"

"Not afraid."

Huo yun'er shakes her head.

"Boy! Tell her, you don't want to die

After Gao Hu finds that huoyun'er is hopeless, he says to Ye Chen that the dagger in his hand is full of cold light, and he can't help but get closer to Ye Chen's neck.

"I really don't want to die, but it's a pity," Ye Chen said with a faint smile, "you can't kill me."


As soon as this remark was made, Gao Hu and dozens of Gao's warriors were stunned. Naturally, they didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"I Can't kill you? "

Gao's astonished toward Ye Chen asked.

"Yes, you can't kill me."

Ye Chen's voice is very calm, even very frightening.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"

A few seconds later, Gao Hu burst out laughing again.

Just because he found himself hearing the funniest joke of all time.

"I can't kill you? Do you know that your life will be lost if I move my hand gently? "

Gao Hu's face showed a touch of satisfaction.

The leaf dust hears the speech to be frank to smile, "be, that your hand moves."


Dozens of martial artists of the Gao family all took a breath of cold air. However, they did not expect that ye Chen would not be afraid of death.

They have never heard of people like Ye Chen before.


Gao Hu also froze.

"Boy, don't think I don't know. You want me to kill you and let her kill us to avenge you!"

A few seconds later, Gao Hu opened his mouth to the dust.

The leaf dust hears speech secretly a smile, he is some admire this Gao Hu's brain hole really.

"A mole ant like you, you dare not do it when I ask you to do it. Your achievements in this life are limited to this."

Ye Chen said lightly.

Gao Hu can't help but get angry.

"Boy, this is diyun city. We are from Gao family."

"I don't care what kind of family you are now. I just want you to kill me. You don't even have the courage to show up in front of my Ye Chen?"

Gao Hu is burning with anger. He has already burst out a thousand feet of anger above his head.

"Boy, are you really afraid of death?"

Gao Hu still can't believe that there are people who are not afraid of death in this world!

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