I Copy Talents | Chapter 696 | Body As Hard As Iron

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Chapter 696 Body As Hard As Iron

 The leaf dust hears the speech to sigh secretly.

He thought that Gao Hu was really a child and could not be taught.

"You don't mind. I'm afraid I'm not afraid to die. I just want you to kill me now."

Huo yun'er is also a little stunned.

She thought of such a close distance, can ye really avoid it?

Dozens of Gao's warriors were also shocked. They had never heard of such a request.


Gao Hu is a little afraid to move. He knows that as long as he kills Ye Chen.

Huo yun'er will not hesitate to kill him.

"You're a total loser. You're the one who's not worth eating."

Ye Chen sees Gao Hu is reluctant to kill him. He says to Gao Hu again.

When Gao Hu heard the speech, he was so angry that he could not increase his anger.

"Boy, don't push me!"

"I'm pushing you. Don't you see that?"

Finally, Gao Hu can no longer bear the arrogance of Ye Chen.

"Boy, if you want to die like this, I will help you!"

Finish saying, Gao Hu's manual.


However, what all people would never think of is that the dagger in Gao Hu's hand is full of cold light, and ye Chen's neck makes a sound of steel collision.

How can it be!!!

In this horrible scene, Gao Hu and dozens of soldiers in the Gao family all gasped and gaped.

Huo yun'er is also stunned.

Ye Chen's body Is it steel?

For a while, fire rhyme son just found, leaf dust is so terrible.

How many secrets does he have that he doesn't know?

Suddenly, Huo Yuner can't help but think of a sentence that her grandfather said to her:

"Yuner, when you go to diyun city with Ye Chen, you must have a good relationship with Ye Chen. Being arrogant like Ye Chen is to look at the whole world, and it is also a rare existence."

Huo yun'er didn't believe it at first, but now she does.

Gao Hu and dozens of martial artists of Gao family knew why Ye Chen had to let Gao Hu do it.

Gao Hu swallowed his saliva, and then he saw the dagger in his hand.

It doesn't matter if you don't look at it, but you are scared out of your wits.

Only because the dagger in his hand, which was full of cold light, had been split.

This, this, this

At this time, Gao Hu's whole body could not stop shaking. He had never seen such a terrible person as ye Chen!

"Go! Let's go

Gao Hu's a big drink, he and dozens of Gao family martial arts then scurry up.

After Gao Hu and dozens of Gao family warriors leave the inn, Huo yun'er looks at Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, how many secrets are you hiding from me?"

Leaf dust a smile, he thinks this fire rhyme son finally to oneself curiosity.


Leaf dust light looking at fire rhyme son, "are we very familiar?"

The fire rhyme son hears the speech for a while, did not know how to answer.

After they had finished eating, they were ready to open a room in the inn, but the room had been fully reserved.

What they didn't expect was that they even went to more than ten inns. Similarly, the rooms were reserved.

You can imagine how many people will come this time!

"Ye Chen, what should I do now?"

Fire rhyme son looked to leaf dust, she thought can't sleep on the street.

Ye Chen thought for a moment, "why don't we Go to Gao's house. "

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