I Copy Talents | Chapter 700 | The Genius Contest Begins

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Chapter 700 The Genius Contest Begins

 Set up the sun.

Ye Chen gets up early. After washing, Gao Hu's voice rings outside the room.

"Master, are you up?"

Ye Chen thinks that the tiger is still interesting, and opens the door.

"What can I do for you?"

"No It's OK. "

Gao Hu said quickly.

Naturally, Gao Hu is extremely afraid of Ye Chen. Ye Chen is like a terrible devil, going deep into his marrow!

"What do you want me to do?"

"I I just want to see if the seniors are up

Gao Hu's face turned pale.

Ye Chen looked at it and found that the fire rhyme had not yet risen.

"By the way, elder, can I ask, are you here for the talent contest?"


Ye Chen nodded.

Gao Hu saw that he had guessed right, and his face showed a touch of surprise.

"Master, if you get the top three, you can get the qualification to enter the Wuji gate. That's the Wuji gate!"

Ye Chen has never heard of the Wuji battle gate, but he can think of it with his toes. This Wuji battle gate must be a powerful force.

"Master, you should know the rules of talent Dabi in diyun city?"

Gao Hu suddenly said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen thinks that he is here to accompany huoyun'er.

But the endless war gate

Ye Chen thinks that he will not stay in the Holy Island of fire spirit all the time. It's better to join in the fun.

"I don't know."

Ye Chen said.


Gao Hu was stunned. Naturally, he did not expect Ye Chen to know the rules of talent Dabi.

"Master, the rule of talent Dabi is to hunt and kill fierce beasts to see who has the highest score."

Hearing this, ye Chen understood.

He thought about it, so he could hardly take the first place.

Say, fire rhyme son also appeared in the vision of leaf dust.

"Ye Chen, shall we go shopping?"

Fire rhyme son says to leaf dust.


Ye Chen didn't expect that huoyun'er would go shopping.

"All right."

Ye Chen thinks that staying in Gao's home is meaningless.

Then, they left Gao's home and went to the street of diyuncheng.

Two people in the Cloud City for a long time, found that the cloud city is really too big.

Back to Gao's home, ye Chen and Huo yun'er are waiting for the beginning of talent Dabi.


On this day, the biggest event of diyun City, talent contest, finally began.

Ye Chen and Huo yun'er both went to the competition area.

At this time, there were thousands of people.

"Prefecture level talent."

"Prefecture level talent."

"Heaven level talent."

People's talent information constantly appears in leaf dust's retina.

Ye Chen thinks that the genius Dabi is the genius Dabi in the end. There are some geniuses coming.

Before long, a man came to the platform.

"All the geniuses of huolingsheng Island, the talent contest of diyun city is about to start. All the top three players with the highest points can enter the endless battle gate!"

"Behind you is the plain, where there are fierce beasts in our captivity. The higher the level of fierce beasts, the higher the score will be

"Next, the talent contest begins!"

Obviously, everyone who comes here knows the rules of Darby.

As the man's voice dropped, thousands of people rushed into the plain.

"Ye Chen, shall we form a team or?"

"Team up."

Ye Chen said slowly.


Fire rhyme son white face appeared a touch of doubt color.

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