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Chapter 701 Motian Rhino

 In Huo yun'er's opinion, the rule of talent Dabi is to kill fierce beasts and gain points. If you form a team, it doesn't seem very good.

The fire rhyme son looks at the leaf dust, she is waiting for the leaf dust's reply.

Ye Chen a smile, "there is no special reason, I am afraid that your points are very few."

This words a, do not know why, fire rhyme son's heart appeared a touch of warmth.

"Damn it, I How can I do this? "

Huo yun'er is a bit stunned. Naturally, she doesn't know why she is like this.

"Don't be stunned. Kill the fierce beast."

The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

There are too many fierce beasts in it, and the area of the plain is amazing.

Even with thousands of participants, there are still not many people to see.

Ye Chen and Huo yun'er began to hunt fierce beasts, but what they met were all low-level fierce beasts.

Before long, Huo yun'er got a thousand points.

During this period, ye Chen didn't give a hand.

"Ye Chen, don't you want to go to wujizhan gate?"

Fire rhyme son white face appeared a thick color of doubt.

"Yes, but let your points stabilize

Ye Chen said lightly.

Immediately, they began to search for the fierce beast.


Suddenly, a terrible animal roar was introduced into the ears of Ye Chen and Huo yun'er.

They quickly looked at the past in a vertical voice.

Then there was the scream.

"Run! Run

I saw, countless days ran over.

Obviously, these geniuses met powerful beasts.

"Ye Chen, there must be a powerful beast ahead. Let's go."

Huo yun'er said.

Ye Chen nodded.

They began to walk.

Intuition tells Ye Chen that there are many powerful fierce beasts in this flat place.

It is believed that this is also the intention of the organizers. After all, only the top three can enter the gate of the endless war. How many dead people can count.

Ah, ah, ah!

The screams were still heard.

Not long ago, a terrible beast came into the eyes of Ye Chen and Huo yun'er.

"Magic rhinoceros: fierce beast."

"Talent: Defense talent."

"Level: intermediate beast, reverence level, fierce beast."

The information of the terrible beast has already appeared in Ye Chen's eyes.



Ye Chen has no hesitation to copy the intermediate level beast of magic heaven rhinoceros.

Huo yun'er was a little frightened. She felt the terrible smell from the whole body of the demon rhinoceros.

"Ye Chen, what should I do?"

The fire rhyme son looked to the leaf dust.

She found that ye Chen's face was calm, as if she had not seen anything at all.

"It's just an intermediate beast, a noble beast and a fierce beast."

The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

As soon as his voice dropped, the intermediate beast level fierce beast demon rhinoceros rushed over.

I saw the speed of the devil's rhinoceros is extremely fast, fast enough to make people unable to react!

Fire rhyme son's white face has become a little pale.

Ye Chen smiles.

He didn't understand why Huo yun'er was so afraid.


All of a sudden, ye Chen's fist gathered high strength talent, and a fist flew out towards the fierce beast named Tian rhinoceros.

He will not choose to gather more than a few strength talents, just because in this way, the demon rhinoceros will not hesitate to die!

And the integral obtained will also belong to him!

Ye Chen just wants to get points for Huo yun'er.

I see, invisible terror power heavy hit on the intermediate beast, the fierce beast, the devil heaven rhinoceros!

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