I Copy Talents | Chapter 702 | Huo Yuner 100000 | Points

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Chapter 702 Huo Yuner 100000 Points

 In the eyes of Huo yun'er, it is absolutely a powerful and incomparable existence.

But in the eyes of Ye Chen, that is just so.

High power talent urges the appearance of invisible terror power. After hitting the body heavily, the demon sky rhino flies upside down.

I saw, the ground was smashed out of a deep hole.


Fire yun'er's white face was full of shock.

In her opinion, ye Chen is too terrible.

"The devil's rhinoceros is not dead, you go to give it the last blow, get points."

Ye Chen said to the fire rhyme.

The fire rhyme son hears this speech, the whole body can't help but for one shock!

Just because she would never dream that ye Chen would say such a thing.

She swallowed to herself and walked towards the pit.

It doesn't matter if you don't look at it. You can't help but panic.

Only because, the magic sky rhinoceros is sure to have a breath.

The fire rhyme son hastily urged the white flame, heavy hit in the middle level beast reverence level fierce beast demon day rhinoceros body.

Such a thing, ye Chen did a lot for Huo yun'er.

It's not long before the score reaches 100000.

"Ye Chen, thank you."

Ye Chen, who is looking for the fierce beast, suddenly hears the words of thanks from Huo yun'er.

"Don't you hate me? How can you thank me? "

Ye Chen smiles.

Fire rhyme son white face is red, but her heart is shocked.

Oh, my God!

What kind of smile is this!

Huo yun'er just feels her heart is melting.

How did ye Chen find her smile before?

"Now with your points, it should be number one." Ye Chen said.

Fire rhyme son heavily nodded.

Previously, she was not sure whether she would be able to enter the gate of the endless war.

But now, she is 100% into the door of the Infinite War.

"Ye Chen, you haven't got any points yet. You'll hunt the fierce beast next."

Huo yun'er said to Ye Chen in a hurry.

Ye Chen nodded, and he began to look for powerful fierce beasts. During this period, some weak fierce beasts appeared in front of him and were killed by him.

Ah, ah, ah!

Suddenly, frightening screams appear again in the ears of Ye Chen and fire yun'er.

Ye Chen's face appeared a touch of wonderful, he knew that this must be another powerful fierce beast.

Immediately, he and Huo yun'er walked quickly.

They saw hundreds of corpses in their eyes.

The scene is too miserable to see!


Although fire rhyme son is not human, but looking at the scene in front of her, she can not help but be shocked.

She thought about what kind of fierce beast would kill so many people.

"Help! I don't want to die

Suddenly, a voice of help came from the front.

See, dozens of talented people gallop to come, behind a giant tiger!

This giant tiger looks so terrible.

"This is..."

Fire rhyme son looks at such giant tiger, her whole body can't help but for one shock!

Obviously, she knew this terrible tiger.

"High level beast, level fierce beast, tyrant tiger!"

Huo yun'er is biting her silver teeth.

It's not so fast for a few dozen days!

The dozens of talented people who have been killed are no longer human beings.

"Ye Chen, you should be able to defeat this deception tiger?"

Fire rhyme son looks at leaf dust to say in horror.

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