I Copy Talents | Chapter 703 | Kill The Decepticon Tiger

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Chapter 703 Kill The Decepticon Tiger

 Face fire rhyme son's words, leaf dust's face can't help but shake his head.

"The Decepticon tiger is nothing more than a high-level beast and a fierce beast."

Ye Chen said slowly.

Fire rhyme son smell speech a Zheng, she naturally did not expect Ye Chen will say this.

Is it just a high-level beast, a high-level beast?

This is a high-level beast, a fierce beast!

However, fire yun'er knows that ye Chen is a powerful warrior.


Suddenly, the high-level beast level fierce tyrant tiger towards the leaf dust flies over.

Ye Chen gives a fist at will.

Suddenly, an invisible terrorist force flew out.

It is impossible for high-level beast to be ye Chen's opponent. The deception tiger is heavily hit by invisible terrorist forces.

For a moment, the high-level beast tyrant, the monster tiger, screamed.

Huo yun'er was stunned.

She would never have thought that the high-level beast tyrant was so vulnerable.

Fire rhyme son secretly swallows saliva, she looks at leaf dust in amazement.

How terrible it must be to think of Ye Chen.

Then, ye Chen got 50000 points on the integral table in his hand.

Ye Chen will not be surprised. He is now the God of war of the two stars. With the great perfection of the real dragon's body, a high-level beast is too weak for him.

Later, ye Chen and Huo yun'er began to search for fierce beasts.

Before long, the score of leaf dust came to 70000.

He's not going to hunt the beast to get points. He wants to keep a low profile.

But what he didn't expect is that the tree wants to be quiet, but the wind is not only!

Just as he and Huo yun'er went back, more than a dozen teenagers stopped their way.

"Hand in all your points!"

A young man said coldly to leaf dust and fire rhyme.

Ye Chen looked at the talent and realm information of a dozen teenagers in front of him and found that they were all good talents.

But naturally he was not interested in more than a dozen teenagers.

"Get out of my way. You're not my match."

Ye Chen said slowly to a dozen teenagers.

More than a dozen teenagers were stunned. Of course, they didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

There are more than ten of them, and this man says they are not his opponents?

How confident this is!

"I'll say it again. Hand in your points. Don't let me say it three times!"

The youth who is the head of the school once again shouts coldly at Ye Chen and huoyun'er.

Leaf dust hears speech to shake head, think these people why do not understand?

Then, he punched out.


This blow, in addition to the head of the youth, the rest of the youth all fly out, fell unconscious on the ground.


This young leader has been greatly shocked. Where can he say a complete sentence.

"Now, do you want our points?"

Ye Chen said to the young man.

At this time, the head of the youth has been appalled to the point beyond the limit.

"Let's go."

Ye Chen doesn't want to pay attention to this young leader.

Immediately, they came out of the plain.

In the plain outside the guard of more than a dozen staff see ye dust and fire Yun son out, they can not help but a Zheng.

Just because the time of this big match is one day and one night, now it's only a little more than a day, and it's actually coming out.

Is it possible that

All of a sudden, they all think of an amazing possibility, that is, ye Chen and Huo yun'er are afraid.

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