I Copy Talents | Chapter 704 | Everyones Shock

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Chapter 704 Everyones Shock

 "Are you afraid?"

A staff member asks to leaf dust and fire rhyme son.

"What do you say?"

Huo yun'er frowns.

More than a dozen staff members saw Huo yun'er frown, and their faces were all ironic.

Just because in their eyes, the fire rhyme is a little too funny.

Obviously, they have come out of the plain with fear, and they still look like this. Who is this for.

"Leave them alone and wait for everyone to come out."

Another said.

The time of this big competition in diyuncheng is one day and one night.

Time flies.

All the people in the plain came out.

Immediately, the statistical integration begins.

"Yang Yun, 1500 points."

"Stone two, seven hundred points."

"Wang Tian, two thousand points."

The staff kept saying the points.

Next, it's leaf dust.

Ye Chen handed over the integral table.

More than a dozen staff members know that leaf dust is the first to come out of the plain, so they all know that the score of leaf dust will be very low.

However, when the staff who took over the leaf dust integral meter looked at the integral on the table, it was like being struck by lightning.

How could it be!

The staff member was shocked.

Only because on the integral table, the score is 70000!

The rest of the staff came to check it. It didn't matter if they didn't see it. They were all stunned to the point that they couldn't add more.

70000 points?

You know, the leaf dust is still the first to come out of the plain!

"Leaves and leaves Ye Chen, 70000 points


Hearing this, all the people present took a cold breath one after another and gaped.

70000 points?

Are you sure it's not a mistake?

In their opinion, 70000 points is really impossible.

But, they know, it must be true!

More than a dozen staff members looked at Ye Chen in horror. Since the beginning of the big competition in diyuncheng, there has never been a 70000 points.

You know, this is 70000 points!

Everyone remembered the leaf dust.

Only because they all know that ye Chen is a peerless Tianjiao!

Next, to the fire rhyme.

Huo Yuner handed the table to one of the staff.

More than a dozen staff know that Huo yun'er came out of the plain together with Ye Chen.

After what happened just now, they did not dare to smile sarcastically.

My God!!!

Suddenly, the staff who took over the huoyun'er integral table was shocked.

"Ten ten One hundred thousand! "


All the staff looked at it in a hurry, but they found that it was really 100000 points.

All the staff members were struck by lightning!

Before ye Chen and Huo yun'er first came out of the plain, they also ridiculed!

But now they know that ye Chen and Huo yun'er first came out of the plain, not because they were afraid, but because they had enough points.

This is 100000 points!

"Fire rhyme, 100000 points."

As soon as the staff member said this, all the people present were in an uproar.

They were all shocked.

Where would think, 70000 points is not the highest, there are 100000 points!

In this way, ye Chen and Huo yun'er are undoubtedly qualified to go to Wuji battle gate.

As for who is the third place, they don't know and have no interest in knowing.

After being qualified to go to the gate of the infinite, the staff handed them a gold token.

"Two, in a month's time, we will be recruiting students from the Wuji war gate."


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