I Copy Talents | Chapter 705 | The Frozen Sacred Fire

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Chapter 705 The Frozen Sacred Fire

 Knowing that there is still a month to go before the enrollment time of wujizhan gate, ye Chen and Huo yun'er return to the holy city of fire spirit.

Xiaohong is still closed!

Ye Chen felt a little boring.

After ye Chen and Huo yun'er return to the holy city of fire spirit, immediately there is a fire spirit bird to report the news.

Before long, Huo Kun, the head of huolingtianniao clan, and all the elders welcomed him out.

"How about it?"

The patriarch Huo Kun asked Ye Chen and Huo yun'er.

"Granddad, we are all qualified to go to the Wuji gate."


Hearing this, Huo Kun, the patriarch of the clan, could not help being shocked.

In his opinion, there is nothing more to be happy about.

"This is not a place to speak. Go in and speak."

Then, a group of people into the hall.

"Ye Chen, are you going to wujizhan gate, too?"

Huo Kun, the patriarch of the clan, suddenly asked Ye Chen.

"Is there anything strange about that?"

Ye CHENFENG's face was full of doubts.

"No, I'm just surprised."

Huokun, the patriarch, said.

In this way, ye Chen has been staying in the holy city of fire spirit.

Ten days later.

Xiaohong is finally out of the customs.

Xiaohong has broken through to star wars.

Seeing ye dust, Xiaohong's lovely little face was pleasantly surprised.

"Brother Ye Chen."

Xiaohong directly jumped into the arms of Ye dust.

Huo yun'er was watching, somehow, she had some jealousy.

"What's wrong with me?"

Huo yun'er is a little stunned.

She didn't understand why she was jealous.

Is I like leaf dust.

Immediately, she quickly shook her head and thought what she thought.

"Brother Ye Chen, I'm at war level now."

"Xiao Hong is really good."

Ye Chen touched Xiao Hong's head.

"Lord Ye Chen, the patriarch wants you to go there."

Suddenly, a fire spirit bird came to Ye Chen's body and said respectfully to Ye Chen.

When ye Chen arrives at the hall, huoyun'er and Xiaohong follow closely.

"Patriarch, what can I do for you?"

Ye Chen looks at the fire Kun on the throne with some doubts.

At this time, there was not only Huo Kun, the leader of Tianniao clan, but also the elders in the hall. It seemed that there was something wrong.

"I heard yun'er say that you have five colors of flame?"

Huo Kun, the patriarch, said to Ye Chen.

"Yes." More words, no dust.


Huo Kun, the head of the fire spirit bird clan, sighed heavily.

"Ye Chen, in fact, I have sealed a kind of divine fire by the fire spirit sky bird clan."


Ye Chen's eyes brightened.

Obviously, he was interested in the look in huokun's mouth.

"Yes, what was sealed by my ancestors was only frozen by the polar ice. We could not get the divine fire."

Ye Chen heard the speech and understood, "patriarch, do you want me to have a try?"

The patriarch Huo Kun nodded, "yes."

"Take me, then."

Ye Chen said.

Immediately, huokun and the elders took Ye dust to the back mountain.

Before long, ye Chen saw the sealed fire.

This is

He knows that the sealed fire is Jiuyang Shenhuo.

In the flame, the common flame is the lowest, and the white flame has the highest temperature.

But there's a magic fire above the white flame!

What appears in front of Ye Chen at the moment is Shenhuo!

"Wow, there is such a situation in the back mountain. No wonder it is a forbidden area."

Xiaohong is very surprised to see the Jiuyang fire sealed by the polar ice.

"Ye Chen, try it."

Huo Kun, the patriarch, said to Ye Chen.

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