I Copy Talents | Chapter 707 | Qingluo Qingyun

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Chapter 707 Qingluo Qingyun

 At this time, a voice came into several people's ears.


Fire rhyme son smell speech a startle, she followed the voice to see past.

It was found that a girl and a teenager appeared in front of them.


Huo yun'er frowns.

The girl and the boy are not human beings, but the snake family.

The serpent people and the fire spirit holy bird are similar, are the fire spirit Holy Island powerful race.

The girl's name is Qingluo, and the boy's name is Qingyun.

"Talent: venom."

Ye Chen looked at the talent of green Luo and green cloud, and his face became dull.

"Yun'er, are you still a four-star warrior?"

Green Luo said to the fire rhyme.


Huo yun'er doesn't give Qingluo a good look. Obviously, her relationship with Qingluo is not very good.

"No, I just want to tell you that I have five-star warrior."


Fire rhyme son is surprised, it is obvious that she did not expect, green Luo will say such words.

"It's nothing to be shocked. I've been five-star warrior for a long time."

Green Luo said triumphantly to the fire rhyme son.

Fire rhyme son smell speech, bite silver tooth!

"What do you have to do with me

"Cluck, yun'er, are you angry?"

Qingluo is extremely proud, and satirizes her.

"Why? This is

Qingluo looks at Ye Chen.

She couldn't help being shocked, because she didn't expect that ye Chen was so beautiful.

"My name is Ye Chen."

Ye Chen said his name.

"I said, you are not yun'er's boyfriend?"

Green Luo stares at Ye Chen to say.

Leaf dust faint smile, his face does not have any fluctuation.

The fire rhyme son hears this speech, but on the white face is flushed.

"Qingluo, you What are you talking about? "

"Yo, yun'er is shy."

Qingluo sneered.

"Brother Ye Chen, just It's not. "

Xiaohong said wrongly.

Qingluo naturally doesn't care about Xiaohong.

Ye Chen Zheng Zheng Zheng, he thought how to pull the topic to his body again.

"Are you human?"

Green Luo stares at Ye Chen.

"Well, I am human indeed."

Ye Chen said slowly.

"It seems that the huolingtianniao clan is really going to decline. It has actually found a human son-in-law."

Qingluo smiles coldly.

"By the way, what realm are you?"

In Qingluo's opinion, ye Chen's realm must not be very high.

"What realm am I," leaf dust light looking at Green Luo, "and you have something to do with it?"

He thought that this green Luo obviously came to find fault, he didn't have to give her a good face.


Green Luo is surprised, where to think that ye Chen will say such words.

"You How dare you speak to me like that

"Human beings, I think you don't want to live. How dare you treat our Tianjiao so wantonly?"

Said, in the side of the green cloud then prepares to the leaf dust hand.

It's a pity that ye Chen slapped directly and heavily on the face.

Where can Qingyun react, be hit by the face of leaf dust.


Suddenly, a crisp slap sound appeared.


Then came the cry of the blue cloud.

I saw that Qingyun has become a pig's head.

Green Luo is shocked. Of course, she didn't expect that ye Chen would actually attack Qingyun.

You know, Qingyun is Two star battle Zun!


Think of here, green Luo can't help but gape.

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