I Copy Talents | Chapter 708 | Snake Clan Sent A War Post

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Chapter 708 Snake Clan Sent A War Post

 "You What kind of realm are you

Green Luo is very astounded to look at leaf dust to ask a way.

"Do you think," leaf dust light looking at Green Luo, "I will tell you?"

Hearing this, Qingluo doesn't know how to speak.

After a few seconds, Qingluo stabilized her mind.

"I'm the favorite girl of the snake family. You..."

Green Luo's words have not finished, they were interrupted by leaf dust.

"It has nothing to do with me. I just want you to disappear in front of me."

Ye Chen said slowly.

Hearing this, Qingluo didn't dare to stop at the same place.

Only because she found that there was a thousand layers of murderous spirit hidden in the corner of Ye Chen's eyes, and there was a hundred steps in front of her and behind her!

Then, Qingluo left here with Qingyun.

"Brother Ye Chen is really good."

Xiao Hong clapped her hands.

"By the way, sister Ye Chen, you..."

Xiaohong's lovely little face stopped talking.

After a few seconds, Xiaohong finally got up her courage and said to Hongyun Er:

"do you like Ye Chen, too?"

The fire rhyme son is startled, the whole body can't help but for one shock!

She never dreamed that Xiao Hong would say such a thing.

"Xiaohong, you What are you talking about

Fire yun'er's face turned red, as red as a ripe apple, which makes people look attractive.

"Sister," Xiaohong mumbled, "you don't have to lie to me. I know you like brother Ye Chen."

"I won't give you brother Ye Chen, but I won't be angry if you like him."

Said Xiao Hong.

Leaf dust smell speech secretly helpless smile, he thought Xiaohong this is what brain circuit ah, a little interesting.

Huo yun'er really doesn't know how to speak.

"Go back."

Ye Chen thinks that if he continues to be here, he will be embarrassed to death.

Immediately, the three returned to the holy city of fire spirit.

However, what they didn't expect was that they were called to the main hall by huokun, the patriarch, as soon as they returned to the holy city of fire spirit.

"What's up, granddad?"

Fire rhyme son white face is very confused.

"The sky snake clan sent a battle note, let Ye Chen go to the sky snake clan and fight with their strongest genius!"


Huo yun'er and Xiao Hong are all in a daze.

Leaf dust secretly, he is to be able to think out with toes, this must be green Luo ready to revenge him.

It's a pity. How can the most talented person of the sky snake race be his opponent?

"Patriarch, I agreed."

Ye Chen thinks, anyway, there are still some days to go before the entrance examination of Wuji war gate.

"Good! Then we'll go with you. "

Huo Kun, the patriarch, nodded.

Set up the sun.

Ye Chen, huokun and the elders went to the snake clan.

The sky snake clan is not far away from the fire spirit bird family.

Before long, the party arrived at the city of snake.

When the serpents of the city saw that they were the heads and elders of the fire spirit birds, they rushed to report it.

A moment later, the head of the heavenly snake clan and the elders also came out.

"Brother huokun, I haven't seen you for a long time."

"Yes, brother void."

Tian xukong and huokun, the chief of the tianshe clan, clasped hands with each other.

"Brother huokun, I heard that a human has come to your huolingtianniao family and injured my people."

Tian xukong, the head of the tianshe clan, said with a cold smile, "it must be him, isn't it?"

The sky empty mouth of him, refers to the leaf dust of course.

"It's really me."

Ye Chen said lightly.

Tian xukong, the head of the tianshe clan, was very calm when he saw Ye Chen's face, and he couldn't help being stunned.

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