I Copy Talents | Chapter 709 | The Strongest Tianjiao Tianqi

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Chapter 709 The Strongest Tianjiao Tianqi

 Tian xukong, the leader of the tianshe clan, found that ye Chen was really young. What he didn't understand was why Ye Chen dared to be so calm.

"Human beings, are you sure that you are most proud of our tianshe clan this time?"

Tian xukong, the head of the tianshe clan, said, staring at Ye Chen.

All the sky snake people look at Ye Chen and want to know what ye Chen will answer.

"Who knows?"

The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

Although he said so, he knew that Tianjiao, the strongest of the tianshe clan, could never be his opponent.

This is his confidence!

Tian xukong, the leader of the tianshe clan, is obviously not very satisfied with Ye Chen's answer, and his brow can't help wrinkling.

"Ha ha!"

Suddenly, a scornful cold laughter was introduced into the ear of leaf dust.

Ye Chen looked at the past along the sound and found a young sky snake coming.

"Name: Tianqi."

"Talent: venom talent."

"Realm: Ten Star Wars."

The message of the young snake appears on the retina of the leaf dust.

There are two schools of Tian She nationality, one is named Qing and the other is Tian!

Ye Chen can also think of it with his toes. The young sky snake in front of him is the strongest Tianjiao of the Tian she clan.


How can a ten Star Warrior be his opponent?

Tianqi walks to Ye Chen's body. He looks at Ye Chen coldly, and his face is full of sarcasm.

"Mankind, you'd better give up!"

In Tianqi's opinion, ye Chen can never be his opponent.

If you want him to believe Ye Chen will be his opponent, unless Tianma is about to collapse.

Tian xukong, the head of the tianshe clan, and the elders also gave a cold smile. Naturally, they despised Ye Chen.

But Huo Kun and the elders of Huoling Tianniao clan know that Tianqi is like a mole ant in front of Ye Chen.

They didn't say it, thinking that after ye Chen showed his terrorist strength, they would not be surprised?

Tianqi stares at Ye Chen. He is waiting for ye Chen's answer.

Can let him want to break the head also can't think of is, leaf dust unexpectedly can say so.

Ye Chen slowly opened his mouth to Tianqi:

"I won't admit defeat, at least in front of you, I won't admit defeat!"

Hearing this, Tianqi could not help but be shocked. He looked at Ye Chen angrily.

"Human, do you think it's my opponent?"

It's gnashing teeth.

"In front of me," Ye Chen thought, "you are a poor little ant."


As soon as he said this, all the sky snakes in the scene took a cold breath. In any case, he never thought that ye Chen would say such a thing.

In front of this human being, Tianjiao is just a pathetic mole ant?

"Man, you What do you say

Tianjiao Tianqi, the strongest member of the tianshe clan, is also angry. He stares at Ye Chen.

Leaf dust a smile, on his face cloud light breeze light, "what I say is not clear enough?"

If you have the confidence to fight the snake

With that, Tianjiao Tianqi, the most powerful member of the tianshe clan, went in.

The sky snakes are also very angry. They have not seen such arrogant human beings as ye Chen.

Immediately, all the sky snakes also went in.

"Ye Chen, are you sure?"

Huo Kun, the head of Huo Lingtian bird clan, said to Ye Chen.


Ye Chen nodded.

After that, ye Chen and Huo Lingtian bird all went in.

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