I Copy Talents | Chapter 710 | Sky Snake Race

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Chapter 710 Sky Snake Race

 I saw that Tianqi had already made great strides in the sky snake challenge.

Sky snake challenge, up to ten Zhang!

"Man, come up!"

Tianqi, on the sky snake challenge, hooked his finger at Ye Chen!

Ye Chen's face was as calm as water, and he jumped up from the ground.

All of a sudden, he also went to the sky snake challenge!

Ye Chen and Tianqi begin to confront each other.

Four eyes, a big war seems to be coming!

"Human beings, I really don't understand why you dare to be so arrogant?"

Tianqi found that for ye Chen, he just wanted to break his head and didn't understand.


Ye Chen laughed, "do you think I'm arrogant?"

"Arrogant, of course!" Tianqi sneered, "at least I have never seen such a arrogant person as you!"

Leaf dust smell speech pondered for a few seconds, "since you think I am very arrogant, then I beat you how?"


After hearing this, all the sky snakes under the sky snake beat were stunned.

They didn't think that ye Chen would say that.

If you beat them with one strike, Tianjiao is the most powerful of them. Are you not afraid to be laughed off?

"Huokun, don't you think this human is arrogant?"

Tian xukong, the leader of tianshe clan, looks at huokun beside him.

Fire spirit sky bird clan Chief Fire Kun indifferent smile, "still OK."

The sky is empty and infuriated at the words.

He is waiting. After waiting for Tianqi to hang and beat the leaf dust, he will be able to mercilessly ridicule Huo Kun, the patriarch of huolingtianniao.

The sky snake beats.

Tianjiao and Tianqi, the most powerful of the tianshe clan, has been extremely angry!

How could he have thought that the human would have wanted to beat him?

Is this possible?

Of course it's impossible!


What makes Tianqi more angry is that ye Chen's face still has a deep color of self-confidence, as if he could beat himself with a real blow.

"Human, I let you look good!"

Looking at the look on Ye Chen's face, Tianqi finally can't stand it any more. He raises his hand

In the palm of your hand, there is a cyan poison!

The venom of the snake clan is too terrible!

Where you go, nothing grows!

I saw that the cyan poison in Tianqi's palm flew towards the leaf dust.

Leaf dust's face is very calm, he lightly looks at the venom.

Then he opened his hand.

Jiuyang Shenhuo appeared in his hand. He thought that he didn't need it at this time. When would he stay?

"Go ahead, Jiuyang Shenhuo."

The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

As his voice fell, the Nine Yang fire in the palm of his hand flew out.

Jiuyang Shenhuo and the terrible cyan poison hit each other heavily.

What all the sky snake people didn't expect was that the cyan poison disappeared instantly.

And the remaining force of Jiuyang Shenhuo continues to go towards the sky!

Tianqi's eyes widened.

Such a fire

It's too scary!

However, Tianqi, after all, is the Ten Star War Zun, and still evades the residual power of the Jiuyang Shenhuo!

After escaping from the Jiuyang fire, Tianqi began to mock Ye Chen.

"Stupid human, don't you want to beat me with one blow, now?"

Although Tianqi finds that ye Chen's fire is strange, he still believes that he can overcome Ye Chen.

Leaf dust hears speech to shake his head secretly, think of this day strange why do not understand?

Then, he inspired the blink talent!

Suddenly, he disappeared in place!


All the sky snakes under the sky snake challenge were shocked and turned pale. In any case, they would not have thought that ye Chen had suddenly disappeared.

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