I Copy Talents | Chapter 711 | Tianqi Vulnerable

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Chapter 711 Tianqi Vulnerable

 Tianqi, who was on the sky snake challenge, was also stunned. He quickly searched for the figure of Ye Chen.

But where can he catch it!

When he saw the leaf dust, it had already appeared in front of him.

Fist Call him!

Tianqi's pupil shrinks fiercely, because he finds that he can't hide!

There is no doubt that ye Chen's fist heavily hit Tianqi's body.

Tianqi, in an instant, flew out.

Fortunately, Tian she Lei is very good, otherwise Tianqi has been heavily hit on the ground.


All the sky snakes under the sky snake beating looked at such a scene, they could not help but burst into an uproar!

They can't believe it. Tianjiao, the most powerful member of the tianshe clan, was defeated like this.

Many days the snake rubbed its eyes and felt that they must have read it wrong, but no matter how they rubbed their eyes, the result was the same.

Don't say it's them. Even Tianqi, who was heavily hit on the sky snake challenge, was shocked.

"Man, you How can you be so strong? "

In Tianqi's opinion, ye Chen can't be so terrible!

He couldn't believe that he had defeated him so easily.

"Who knows?"

Ye CHENFENG's face was full of fun and ignorance.

Tianqi felt unprecedented humiliation, and he stared at Ye Chen with great anger.

"Man, do you think I'm just so bad?"

With that, Tianqi jumped up from the challenge arena!

"According to heaven and earth!"

Just listen to Tianqi drink.

Suddenly, Tianqi's body began to change.

After a few seconds, Tianqi, which was originally a human figure, has turned into a terrible blue Python!

The green Python spits out the snake's letter, and her green eyes stare at the leaf dust.

"That's what you look like. It's ugly."

Ye Chen said lightly.

Tianqi was so angry that he couldn't increase his anger!

Suddenly, he opened his mouth!

In the big mouth, the shock wave formed by the cyan poison flies towards the leaf dust.

Ye Chen will not appear too much surprise, after all, Tianqi is only ten star war Zun, and the gap in strength is irreparable.

Immediately, his fist gathered high strength talent and native talent.


At the moment when the shock wave formed by the cyan poison was about to attack Ye Chen, he swung out with a heavy blow.

The earth talent and the higher power talent spurred the force from his fist!

The shock wave formed by the cyan poison is separated on both sides until it disappears!

And the invisible terror force, still in the direction of the green python.

Tianqi felt the unprecedented danger, he was scared to the extreme!


He's no longer hiding.

The invisible terror hit him heavily.

Ah ah!

Just listen, Tianqi screamed and fell heavily from the sky snake challenge.

Quiet, the needle can be heard!

All the sky snakes on the scene were shocked and looked at the scene in front of them.

In their eyes, this was originally a dream would not dream of things, but now it is really in front of their eyes.

Tianjiao, the most powerful member of the tianshe clan, is so vulnerable in front of this person?

They were shocked. They were really shocked.

Ye Chen also jumped down from the sky snake challenge to Huo Kun, the head of the fire spirit sky bird clan, and the elders.

"Well, I'm pretty good."

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