I Copy Talents | Chapter 712 | Promise Gate

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Chapter 712 Promise Gate

 Fire spirit sky bird patriarch fire Kun and the elders all nodded.

Ye Chen laughed and did not continue to speak.

All the heavenly snakes of the heavenly snake clan were extremely angry.

"Man You

Tian xukong, the leader of the tianshe clan, stares at Ye Chen angrily.

"Brother void, are you angry?"

Huo Kun, the head of huolingtianniao clan, smiles faintly.

"You You

Sky empty angry stare at fire Kun.

"Brother void, you don't want to play real, do you?" Huo Kun, the head of Huo Lingtian bird clan, looked at the sky void. "I think it's OK. If you want to play really, how can I be afraid of you?"

Hearing this, Tian xukong, the head of the tianshe clan, had to suppress his anger!

At this time, Qingluo was as rigid as a clay sculpture.

After the fog forest, she came back to tell what happened in the fog forest.

This time a series of things happened.

But now

Green Luo just knew at this time, leaf dust unexpectedly unexpectedly terror to such a degree.

Ye Chen, huokun and the elders didn't stay in the Tian she clan too much.

Before long, ye Chen returned to huolingtianniao.

After returning to huolingtian bird family, ye Chen did not go anywhere.


On this day, it is the day of enrollment in the Wuji war gate.

Ye Chen and Huo yun'er have arrived at the foot of Mount Zhanshen of Wuji battle gate!

At this time, there were countless people at the foot of Zhanshen mountain.

"High talent."

"Medium talent."

"Prefecture level talent."

All kinds of cultivation talents appeared in front of Ye Chen.

"A lot of people."

Fire rhyme son white face appeared a touch of joy.

Fire spirit Holy Island is just an island, but it covers a huge area!

In front of Huo yun'er, almost all the races on the fire spirit Holy Island are gathered.

The name of the fire spirit Holy Island was originally derived from the fire spirit bird family, but the fire spirit sky bird family is now in decline.

You know, the former fire spirit bird family, but the overlord on the Fire Spirit Island!

Ye Chen and Huo yun'er both have tokens, so they don't need any assessment.

"Ye Chen, let's go."

Fire rhyme son says to leaf dust.

After a few seconds, the fire rhyme son walked slowly past.

Ye Chen also followed.

"What are you doing?"

A middle-aged man blocked their way.

Fire yun'er and ye Chen give the token to the middle-aged man.

After the middle-aged man took the token, he was shocked.

"The first and second place of the big competition of diyun city?"

Of course, the middle-aged man didn't think of it.

"Follow me."

After confirming that the token is not a fake, the middle-aged man walks up to the Ares mountain with Ye Chen and Huo yun'er.

"How did they go straight up there? Don't you need an assessment? "

"What do you know? That's the first and second place in the big competition of diyun city


There was an uproar.

Ye Chen and huoyun'er follow the middle-aged man to the God of war, in the gate of endless war.

"You are the first and second place of diyun City, and the third place has arrived."

The middle-aged man said to Ye Chen and huoyun'er.

Ye Chen and Huo yun'er are naturally not interested in the third place.

On the huge square of Wuji battle gate, a figure comes into Ye Chen's eyes.

What makes Ye Chen and Huo yun'er want to break their heads is that the third place is actually


"Is it her?"

Huo yun'er frowns!

However, she has already known about ye Chen's fight against the most powerful Tianjiao Tianqi of the Tian snake clan.

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