I Copy Talents | Chapter 713 | Enter The Inner Door Of The Promise Gate

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Chapter 713 Enter The Inner Door Of The Promise Gate

 Qingluo did not expect that it would be ye Chen and huoyun'er. Her white face was full of shock.

"Yes Are you? "

Green Luo stupidly looks at the leaf dust and the fire rhyme son.

"Is there anything to be shocked about?"

Ye Chen looks at the green Luo lightly.

"As the three of you are the top three in the city of diyun, you can enter the inner gate directly."

Said the middle-aged man.

Qingluo and huoyun'er are stunned when they hear the speech. Obviously, they didn't expect the middle-aged man to say such a thing.


Naturally, they know how terrible the inside door of the endless war is.

You know, there are more than one hundred thousand disciples of wujizhan sect, but there are only hundreds of disciples of inner sect.

"Of course it's true. I can't get into the inner door. Take your token."

Said, the middle-aged man then told the location of the inner door to three people.

Immediately, the three men went to the inner door.

"Ye Chen, yun'er."

On the way to the inner door, Qingluo suddenly stops. She looks at Ye Chen and Huo yun'er, but on her white face, she seems to have some unspeakable words.

"What's the matter?"

Ye Chen said.

"It was wrong of me that day in the misty forest. Now that we have come to the Wuji war gate, can we just forget that the previous events have not happened?"

Ye Chen and Huo yun'er didn't expect that Qingluo would apologize, which was quite different from the fire yun'er in the misty forest that day.

"Whatever I want."

Ye Chen doesn't care about these things.

Green Luo smell speech, white face appeared a touch of gratitude, she looked at the fire rhyme son.

"All right."

Fire rhyme son nodded, she thought leaf dust all agreed, if oneself does not agree, it is to appear that she is stingy.

Green Luo see fire rhyme son also agreed, she secretly grew a breath.

It wasn't long before the three reached the inner door.

Inside and outside, there is a man!

This is an iron tower like man, the man is very strong, looking at is not easy to provoke the kind.


The man drank three people.

The three men did not say much, but gave the token to the man.

The man took the token and looked at them carefully and said, "go in."

Ye Chen, huoyun'er and Qingluo enter the inner door.

The inner door is like a new world.

On the white faces of huoyun'er and Qingluo, there is a deep shock color, obviously shocked by the strong Yuan Li.

Ye Chen is OK, because he knows that although the Wuji war gate is terrible, there is no one like him.

After all, she has been in this world for such a long time that most people can't help but sigh after learning about his terrible power:

"Ye Chen's talent is to look at the whole world, and it is a rare existence."

When they entered the inner door, they were immediately surrounded.

"Heaven level talent."

"Heaven level talent."

"Prefecture level talent."

The talent information of these people appears in the retina of leaf dust.

"New comer?"

A dozen inner disciples looked at the three and said.

"Hello, we are..."

Green Luo's words have not finished, was interrupted by a teenager.

"We all know you're new, but..."

The teenager pondered for a few seconds, looking at Green Luo and fire rhyme, "you are not human beings."

In front of them are all human beings. On the inner gate square, only Qingluo and huoyun'er are not human beings!

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