I Copy Talents | Chapter 714 | Dont You Look Down On Aliens

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Chapter 714 Dont You Look Down On Aliens

 Huo yun'er and Qingluo are stunned.

As they all know, the Apocalypse gate has gathered all the races of the Fire Spirit Island.

Are these people racist?

The talent and realm information of this young speaker also appeared in the retina of Ye Chen.

"Name: Lin Tian."

"Cultivation talent: Heaven level."

"Hidden talent: pentagonal talent."

"Realm: six star battle Zun."

Ye Chen thinks that the inner gate is indeed the inner gate. Other people can't reach the realm of poverty in his whole life. Lin Tian is only about 20 years old. What else can he say?


In front of others, the six-star war Zun is absolutely so horrible, but in front of him, it is just like this.

"Do you two know that the whole inner door is all human beings, and there is no alien race."

Lin Tian sneers at huoyun'er and Qingluo.

"What do you want to express?"

Huo yun'er is naturally a violent temper, she listened to Lin Tian's saying, instantly unhappy.

"What do I want to express?" Lin Tian cold voice a smile, "I want to express is that you will be bullied endlessly in the inner door!"

"Ha ha, isn't it?"

Fire yun'er's white face was extremely cold.

"Don't you see," leaf dust light looking at the Lin Tian in front of the body, "they are with me together?"

Lin Tian and more than a dozen teenagers were stunned. Of course, they didn't expect that ye Chen would speak at this time.

"Boy, are you looking for death?"

Lin Tian stares at Ye Chen!

Ye Chen's face is as calm as water.

"Looking for death? With your poor six-star warrior? "


Lin Tian and more than a dozen teenagers were stunned. They would not have thought that ye Chen would say such a thing.

Six star battle Zun? Pathetically weak?

If all the six-star warriors are poor, then, is there a strong one in the world?

Ha ha ha ha!

Suddenly, Lin Tian burst out laughing, as if he had never heard such a funny joke.

Only because he already felt that ye Chen was a new man who didn't know the height of heaven and earth.

"What are you laughing at?"

Ye CHENFENG's face was full of doubts. He didn't expect him to tell the truth. Lin Tian could still laugh.

"Boy, do you think I'm weak?"

"Well, very weak indeed."

Ye Chen said.

"Since you think I'm weak, the next second, you'll fall to the ground. Do you believe it or not?"

After Lin Tian's death, a sneer appeared on their faces. They all knew that ye Chen could never be Lin Tian's opponent.

"What a mole ant said," Ye Chen looked at Lin Tian faintly, "do you think I will believe it?"

Hearing this, Lin Tian became furious. He stared at Ye Chen and said:

"since you don't believe it, I have to let you believe it!"

Voice down, Lin Tian out of the fist like the wind, a fist toward the leaf dust fierce hit over.

Ye Chen shakes his head secretly. He thinks why Lin Tian doesn't believe him?

When Lin Tian punched him, he also punched out.

I saw that ye Chen and Lin Tian's fists were going to hit each other heavily.

A dozen teenagers know that ye Chen can't catch Lin Tian's fist in any case.

After all, Lin Tian is a six-star warrior!

But if they know ye Chen's strength, they are absolutely impossible to say such words.

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