I Copy Talents | Chapter 715 | Lin Tian Stunned

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Chapter 715 Lin Tian Stunned


There was only one loud noise.

Ye Chen's fist and Lin Tian's fist hit each other heavily.


But the next scene, but let all the people present, all shocked up, in any case can not believe this is true.

Just because when Lin Tian's fist and ye Chen's fist hit each other heavily, Lin Tian actually flies backwards.

You know, Lin Tian is a six-star warrior!

A six-star war Zun's peerless genius flew out like this?

They can't believe it. They can't believe it!

More than a dozen teenagers were afraid to speak. Their eyes were opened for the largest time in history, and their mouths were open enough to swallow an extra large bowl.

Don't say it's them. Even Lin Tian, who fell to the ground, was also confused.

What he didn't think of was that he was so strong once!

"You You

At this time, where can Lin Tian be able to say a complete sentence, ah, how surprised his face will be.

"I said, you are just a little six-star warrior. Why don't you believe it?"

Leaf dust light looking at Lin Tian said.

Hearing this, Lin Tian was furious. He jumped up from the ground!

"Did you think you were my opponent

Lin Tian stares at Ye Chen angrily.

"Ha ha."

Ye Chen is indifferent to smile, he thinks this Lin Tian why does not understand?

"If you think so, come on."

The sound falls, leaf dust to Lin Tian hook finger.


The inner genius of Wuji battle, Lin Tian, sees Ye Chen hook his fingers. He is angry to the point where he can't be added!

"You want to die!"

It's a double fist. It's a double fist. It's a fierce fight!

"Magic tiger fist!"

I saw that this terrible tiger flew towards Lin Tian.

More than a dozen geniuses knew that ye Chen could never catch such an attack.

Unfortunately, they are all wrong.

At this time, huoyun'er and Qingluo's white faces are also astonished. They all feel that Lin Tian's attack is terrible and frightening!

The magic tiger condensed by Yuanli is very fast, but it reaches Ye Chen's body in an instant.

But let all people did not think of is, leaf dust erect a finger.

When the magic tiger condensed by Yuanli was about to hit Ye Chen's body, ye Chen used this finger to strike at the demon tiger!

Everyone knows that ye Chen's finger is not attached to any element force!

That is to say, ye Chen is killing himself!

But what happened next made them gape.

It is because ye Chen uses this finger without any element force to dissolve the magic tiger formed by the condensation of this element force.

Looking at such a scene, more than a dozen teenagers were struck by lightning!

My God!

More than a dozen young people's faces would be more frightened.

They thought, what is Ye Li's finger made of?

Is it an alien iron?

How can it be so hard?

They were stunned.

Ye Chen's face is naturally calm as water.

Although six star zhanzun is a good genius, in his eyes, it is just so.

"Now, do you think you will still be my opponent?"

The leaf dust slowly opened his mouth to the forest sky.

Where can Lin Tian speak? He has been stunned.

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