I Copy Talents | Chapter 718 | War Qin Ying

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Chapter 718 War Qin Ying

A dozen teenagers looked at Ye Chen, and they all wanted to know how ye Chen would answer.

They all know that Qin Ying is Lin Tian's cousin.

Although Qin Ying is usually as cold as ice, but at this time will be Lin Tian's head!

"It's not too good. It's just average."

Ye Chen opened her mouth slowly to Qin Ying.

Hearing this, a dozen teenagers all bit their teeth in secret.

Because they know that there is a touch of pride in Ye Chen's bones. To say this is to pretend!

"Ha ha!"

What ye Chen didn't expect was that his modest reply made Qin Ying smile coldly.

"Do you know who Lin Tian is?"

Qin Ying's words, let Ye dust some stay.

"Lin Tian is Lin Tian."

Ye Chen said that he thought about the background of Lin Tian?

Fire rhyme son and green Luo white face also is very puzzled up.

"Ha ha!" Qin Ying is a cold voice smile, "Lin Tian is my cousin!"

As soon as this word came out, ye Chen understood it in an instant.

Of course, he knew that Qin Ying was ready to give Lin Tian a head start.

"So," Ye Chen pondered for a few seconds, "are you going to avenge Lin Tian?"


Qin Ying's voice is very cold!

More than a dozen teenagers around Qin Ying all sneered because they all knew that Ye Li could not be Qin Ying's opponent no matter how strong he was.

There are not too many reasons, just because Qin Ying is the favorite girl of the inner door!

Fire yun'er and Qingluo smell speech, their white face appeared a touch of worry color, intuition tells them, Qin Ying is not easy to provoke.

"Now that you are going to avenge him, what are you waiting for?"

Ye Chen smiles calmly.

Seeing ye Chen, Qin Ying could not help laughing, and her face was stunned!

"I don't understand why you can still laugh!"

Qin Ying opened his mouth to the dust.

"Because," Ye Chen thought for a moment, "you are just a ten Star Warrior, not my opponent at all."


When all the people present heard this, they couldn't help but turn pale. They would not even dream that ye Chen would say such a thing.

Ten Star Wars Not his opponent?

Is it difficult to

Is Ye Chen better than ten Star Wars? Is it a warrior of the earth war god level?

Everyone here can't believe it!

For a moment, people gathered more and more on the inner square, and even some tutors appeared.

But these tutors are holding a lively attitude!

Obviously, the inner gate allows students to fight.

"Ha ha!"

Qin Ying smell speech, her white face look has been cold to the extreme!

"I don't know your name yet. When you say your name, I'll beat you!"

Qin Ying said coldly to the leaf dust.

"My name is Ye Chen."

Ye Chen truthfully said his name, only because he felt that there was nothing to hide.

Leaf dust?

Qin Ying has never heard the name of Ye Chen before!


So what?

She must know that she defeated Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, now," Qin Ying looked at Ye Chen, "you can kneel on the ground and beg for mercy."

Many talented people have gathered on the inner gate square, and their faces are full of playfulness, just because they all know that ye Chen can't be Qin Ying's opponent.

But what they would never think of is that ye Chen would say such a thing.

"Let me ask Ye Chen for mercy, and you deserve it?"

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