I Copy Talents | Chapter 719 | Finger Of Terror

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Chapter 719 Finger Of Terror

 All the people in the square opened their eyes.

Of course, they didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

You know, Qin Ying is the favorite girl in their family!

This man can say such arrogant words, I don't know that he is a god of war!

In their opinion, ye Chen is no more than ten Star Wars!

At this time, on the square of the inner gate, all the people did not speak, they were waiting for Qin Ying's hand.

Just because they all know that a big war is inevitable!

"I repeat, kneel down and beg for mercy!" Qin Ying stares at Ye Chen, "don't let me say it for the third time!"

Fire yun'er and Qingluo's white faces have turned pale. They can feel the terrible pressure from Qin Ying's whole body!

"Do you think you're really my opponent?"

Ye Chen looks at Qin Ying lightly.

Qin Ying heard this, where can she still endure the arrogance of Ye Chen.

"Fengyun palm"

As soon as ye Chen's words came out, Qin Ying put up her palm and attacked Ye Chen fiercely.

It's too scary!

I saw, countless palms, such as the general storm, toward the dust of the leaves.

Both tutors and disciples in the square know that ye Chen can't take such an attack.

It's a pity that they missed a little.

This is the strength of Ye Chen!

If they knew Ye Chen's strength, they would not think so.

Innumerable palms heavily hit Ye Chen's body.


Huoyun'er and Qingluo are shocked. Of course, they didn't expect that ye Chen would not dodge!

They know the strength and speed of Ye Chen!

If ye Chen wants to avoid innumerable palm shadow, it is not too difficult!

When Qin Ying sees Ye Chen hit by her, she can't help but have a look of satisfaction on her white face. She thought Ye Chen could be so arrogant and must have great strength.

But now it seems that she has not only made a wrong number, but also made a further mistake.

As everyone knows, the dust will fly out heavily.

But, No.

How can it be!!!

All the people on the inner gate square were shocked. Their eyes were absolutely opened for the biggest time!

It's just because ye Chen didn't hurt at all.

They quickly rubbed their eyes, only to think that they must be wrong, but no matter how they rub their eyes, the result is the same.

"You How did you do it? "

Qin Ying was also shocked.

She naturally would not have thought, her wind and cloud palm hits on leaf dust's body, leaf dust can have nothing.

Fire rhyme son and green Luo see here, they also finally understand, why leaf dust can not dodge.

The original defense of Ye Chen How amazing!

"Now, do you still feel like an opponent to me?"

Ye Chen looks at Qin Ying in amazement.

Qin Ying can't say a complete sentence. How surprised her face is.

After a long time, Qin Ying said coldly to the leaf dust:

"you are just a little more defensive, your attack is not strong!"

As soon as Qin Ying came out, she was almost awakened by a word!

Everyone in the square felt that it must be so.

"Is it?"

On ye CHENFENG's handsome face, a touch of ignorance appeared.

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