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Chapter 720 See You

 At this time, Qin Ying's face was pale and could not say a complete sentence.

"You, you are too strong."

After a long time, Qin Ying opened his mouth to Ye Chen.

Everyone in the square also thinks so. In their opinion, ye Chen is too terrible.

"No, I have to tell the headmaster!"

A tutor thought of you, he thought that the Infinite War gate appeared such a genius, of course, had to tell the master!

Wuji battle gate, inner gate hall!

The headmaster Yun Zhan is sitting on the throne of the hall, drinking excellent tea.

Suddenly, a tutor came in.


The headmaster Yun Zhan was stunned. Naturally, he didn't understand what the tutor was preparing for.

"What's the matter?"

"Master, there is a genius in the inner gate!"


The headmaster Yun Zhan was surprised. Naturally, he didn't expect that the tutor would say such a thing.

The inner door appears Genius?

He has been the master of the endless war gate for so many years. What kind of peerless genius has he never seen? Is there such a surprise?

"What kind of genius are you talking about?"

The headmaster Yun Zhan asked the tutor.

The tutor quickly told all the things that happened on the inner square.


Hearing this, the headmaster Yun Zhan gasped. Even if he wanted to break his head, he would not have thought that such a genius had come to the inner door.


Is this true?

Why is he a little suspicious?

"Is that true?"

"It's true, headmaster, do I dare to cheat you?"

The headmaster Yun zhanzhen was stunned for several seconds. He really didn't know how to speak.

"Go, let him come."

After a few seconds, the headmaster Yun Zhan said to the tutor.

The tutor nodded quickly.

"Yes! Master

With that, the tutor went out.

Inside the square.

All people are still looking at the leaf dust in amazement.

Only because they have never seen such a genius as ye Chen!

I'm afraid that the first day of Wuji battle, Ling Feng is not his opponent!

But it's not good to say, after all, Ling Feng is in the closed door, already in the impact of the God of war!

"Leaf dust!"

Suddenly, the tutor came to Ye Chen's body.

"The master asked you to go there."

The tutor's words naturally let all the people on the square gasp.

What kind of treatment is this?

Just entered the inner door, the headmaster wanted to see him?

Is this the charm of the greatest genius?

There was a burst of consternation in the square.

"You can wait for me here."

Ye Chen said to huoyun'er and Qingluo.

Fire rhyme son and green Luo nodded.

Immediately, ye Chen and the tutor went to the hall.

Before long, he saw the master of Wuji battle!

"Name: cloud war."

"Cultivation talent: against the sky level."

"Cultivation talent: Dragon talent, divine power talent."

"Realm: Ten Star earth God of war."

Ye Chen is surprised, thinking that this realm is too high.

"You are ye Chen?"

The headmaster Yun Zhan looks at Ye Chen and asks.

"Yes, master, I am Ye Chen."

Ye Chen said.

The sect leader Yun Zhan looked Ye Chen up and down, and immediately nodded his head and said:

"yes, it's really a dragon and Phoenix posture!"

"I want to know what you are now?"

The headmaster Yun Zhan wants to see how terrifying it is for him to defeat Qin Ying.

"Two star God of war."

Ye Chen said slowly.

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