I Copy Talents | Chapter 721 | The Inner Door Only Left On The First Day

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Chapter 721 The Inner Door Only Left On The First Day

 The headmaster Yun Zhan hears the speech to be startled, he is astonished to look at Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, you Are you the two star God of war

"Yes, is there anything strange about it?"

Ye Chen said slowly.

Of course, the sect leader yunzhan will be shocked because ye Chen looks too young.

At such an age, we have reached the realm of the two star God of war. How terrible is such a talent?

He didn't dare to think about it.

However, he knows that ye Chen's talent is to look at the whole world, which is also a rare existence.

"Ye Chen, do you know who was the first day of the inner gate of the Wuji war?"

The master of the gate, Yun Zhan, suddenly said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was stunned. Naturally, he did not expect that the headmaster yunzhan would ask such a question.

"I don't know."

Of course he didn't know, just because he had just entered the inner door today.

"The first day of my inner door was called Chu Feng!"

Master Yun Zhan said.

Chu Feng?

This is the first time ye Chen has heard the name.

"Chu Feng is now closing down and attacking the realm of the God of war!"

"Is it?"

Ye Chen is naturally not interested in Chu Feng.

"To tell you the truth, ye Chen, I don't believe you are the realm of the two star God of war!" The headmaster Yun Zhan stares at Ye Chen.

The leaf dust hears speech, the corner of his mouth can't help but rise slightly.

The headmaster didn't believe it, and he didn't want to explain anything. He knew that no matter how he explained it, he would not believe it.

"Ye Chen, do you want to fight Chu Feng?"

"Fight him?"

Ye Chen smiles to himself.

The headmaster Yun Zhan didn't answer. He was waiting for the next answer from ye Chen.

"I don't want to fight him." Ye Chen said.

"Oh? You dare not? " There was a look of ignorance on the face of Yun Zhan.

In the view of the sect leader Yun Zhan, ye Chen must not be a two-star God of war. If he doesn't want to fight Chu Feng, the first genius of Neimen, he dare not!

"I'm not afraid, I just feel that the first day of Neimen is not my opponent at all."

Ye Chen said quietly.


Hearing this, the headmaster Yun Zhan couldn't help staying in a daze again.

The first day of the endless war is not a new opponent?

If this is said, it must not be laughed off by other forces?

"Ye Chen, this is just what you think!"

The headmaster Yun Zhan stares at Ye Chen.

He didn't like leaf dust because it was too arrogant.

He did not say that he had seen such arrogant people as ye Chen before, but he had not even heard of it.

"Well, I'll fight him."

A sigh came from the leaves.

He really did not understand why no one would believe him when he told the truth?

It's like he said that Chu Feng was not his opponent on the first day of Neimen, but the master didn't believe it.

"By the way, when will he go out?"

From the mouth of the gate master just now, Chu Feng, the first day of the inner gate, was closing down and attacking the realm of God of war. Naturally, he did not know when Chu Feng would leave the pass.

"Soon, just in these two days."

Master Yun Zhan said.

Just at this time, there was only one exclamation on the inner gate square!

"Elder martial brother chufeng is out of the pass!"

As soon as the words were said, there was a commotion on the inner square!

These inner disciples all know that elder martial brother chufeng's seclusion is the realm of the God of war, which must be a breakthrough to the one star God of war!

I saw a teenager in his twenties, walking slowly out of a training tower!

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