I Copy Talents | Chapter 723 | Promise

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Chapter 723 Promise

 Ye Chen doesn't want to pay attention to Chu Feng.

He explored a Chu Feng's cultivation talent and hidden talent, and found that it was nothing more than that.

Of course, compared with others, Chu Feng is definitely a real genius.

However, compared with him, it is still a little less interesting.

"By the way, Chu Feng, do you want to fight ye Chen?"

The master of the gate said suddenly.

Chu Feng was stunned.

Obviously, he did not expect the headmaster to say such a thing.

"Master, can I fight him?"

"Naturally, ye Chen has already agreed before you go out."

The headmaster Yun Zhan replied.

Ye Chen was happy to himself, thinking about the master of the Wuji war gate, how he was afraid that the world would not be in chaos.

"Dare you fight me?"

Chu Feng's words turned, he looked at Ye Chen.

"Is there anything to be afraid of?"

Ye Chen said lightly.

Chu Feng saw Ye Chen speak so, he could not help but frown. As the first day of Wuji war, he had not heard his peers say so for a long time.


"Let's fight in Wuji challenge!"

Finish saying, inside door the first day Chu Feng then walked out.

"Go, ye Chen."

Master Yun Zhan said to Ye Chen.

Although he didn't believe Ye Chen was the realm of the two star God of war, he was not sure that ye Chen was so calm.

Inner door, square.

All the people in the square saw that the elder martial brother Chu Feng was on the Wuji challenge. They were all stunned. Of course, they didn't understand what the elder martial brother was doing.

"What are you doing on Wuji challenge? Who are you going to fight with?"

"But no one in the inner gate is the opponent of the elder martial brother."

"Is it the new man?"

Immediately, all the people in the square were surprised.

Just because they thought, what an amazing possibility it is.

Fire yun'er and Qing Luo are guessing that ye Chen and Chu Feng must have fought in Wuji challenge.

"Here comes the dust of the leaves!"

I don't know who, a cry!

All of them looked at the past in unison and found that ye Chen was walking slowly towards Wuji challenge.

They had only guessed that ye Chen had a battle with his elder brother Chu Feng, but when they saw Ye Chen coming towards Wuji challenge, their faces were still stunned to the extreme.

"It's really a battle between Ye Chen and senior brother."

"Who is more powerful, ye Chen or elder martial brother?"

"It doesn't matter. Of course, it's senior brother."

"I don't think so. Ye Chen defeated elder martial sister Qin Ying so easily."

For a moment, people on the inner gate square began to talk.

At the time of their discussion, ye Chen also came to Wuji challenge.

The first day of the inner door, Chu Feng sees Ye Chen under the Wuji challenge. He stares at Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, come up."

Chu Feng hooked his finger to the leaf dust.

When ye Chen heard the speech, he jumped up from the ground.

All of a sudden, he came to Wuji challenge.

Ye Chen and the first day of the inner door Chu Feng began to confront each other.

It is quiet and silent, and the needle can be heard.

Everyone's eyes were open a little bit bigger than usual, and obviously they didn't want to miss anything wonderful.

With four eyes on each other, a great war seems to be coming.

"Ye Chen, do you think you are really my opponent?"

As the first genius of the endless war, he naturally has a unique pride.

Just such arrogance, in front of Ye Chen, is really some worthless.

"Aren't you a little one star God of war?"

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