I Copy Talents | Chapter 726 | Defeat Chu Feng

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Chapter 726 Defeat Chu Feng

 I saw, the first day of the inner door Chu Feng again toward the leaf dust a fist fierce wave in the past.

It's a pity that ye Chen's face is still calm like water.

Just when Chu Feng's heavy fist with the power of the five phases talent was only a line away from ye Chen's body, ye Chen once again urged the blink talent.


All the people under Wuji challenge saw that the leaf dust had disappeared in the same place again, and they couldn't help but turn pale.

This is the talent of blink What's the charm?

Chu Feng, the first day of the inner gate, also saw that ye Chen had the talent of blinking, otherwise he would never have such a speed.

"Ye Chen, do you have the talent of blink?"

Chu Feng stares at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen chuckled and said slowly:

"is there anything to be surprised about?"

Chu Feng's face was so cold that he didn't know how to open his mouth at this time.

Because he felt that there was a big gap between him and ye Chen!


Suddenly, Chu Feng shakes his head. He thinks that ye Chen is nothing more than having the talent of blinking, which is nothing remarkable.

"Leaf dust!"

The first day of the inner gate, Chu Feng was almost crazy at this time. He punched Ye Chen again.

All the people under Wuji challenge thought that ye Chen was still dodging this time!

But they found that they were not only wrong, but also to the point where they could not be more wrong!

Only because, leaf dust did not hide at all.

Instead, it was a punch.

There is still no element force attached to this punch.

See, leaf dust and fist and Chu Feng's fist heavy impact together.

All the people below wujilei opened their eyes.

But then, their faces were shocked.

On the first day, Chu Feng flew out.

Chu wind heavily hit the Wuji challenge, is already in a mess!

"No way It's absolutely impossible! "

The first day of the inner gate, Chu Feng was extremely angry.

"There's nothing impossible. You're too weak."

Hearing this, Chu Feng became furious.

"Ye Chen, I'll fight with you!"

The voice falls, the first day of the inner door, Chu Feng jumps up from the ground and pounces on the leaf dust again.

When ye Chen saw this, he shook his head secretly, thinking why the mole ants did not always know it?

In a flash, he once again activated the blink talent.

Just in an instant, the leaf dust then arrived in front of Chu Feng's body!

Where can Chu Feng catch the speed of the leaf dust? Seeing the leaf dust in front of his body, his pupil shrinks fiercely!

Then he flew backwards again.

This time, Chu Feng did not hit the arena, but hit the square heavily.

No words can describe the shock in their hearts when they look at such a scene.

In their opinion, there is nothing more shocking than this!

On the first day of the Wuji war, was it so defeated?

They thought Ye Chen would not be Chu Feng's opponent in any case, but now they found that the idea was so wrong.

On the high platform, yunzhan, the leader of wujizhan sect, and the elders, their faces were full of shock.

"Elder, what do you think?"

Master Yun Zhan looks at the elder.

The elder grinned bitterly, "this son, terror is like this!"

All the elders also nodded, in their eyes, leaf dust is a supreme super Tianjiao!


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