I Copy Talents | Chapter 727 | Black Cloud Mountain

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Chapter 727 Black Cloud Mountain

 After the first day of the inner door, Chu Feng fell back to the ground again, and he was already embarrassed.

Previously, he never thought that ye Chen was so terrible.

But now

He is like a clown, he looks at the leaf dust on the Wuji challenge.

He knew that ye Chen was destined to make him look up.

There are not too many disciples in the inner gate. After the war, ye Chen's name is destined to ring through the whole inner gate.


Ye Chen has been in the inner door for half a month.

His realm also broke through from the two-star God of war to the three-star God of war.

"Ye Chen, the headmaster wants you to go there."

Suddenly, a warrior found him.

Ye Chen is stunned and thinks that the headmaster wants him to go there. Is there something wrong?

Without much thought, ye Chen followed the warrior to the inner hall.

"Ye Chen, you are here."

Master Yun Zhan said with a smile.

Although cloud war is the Ten Star God of war, he knows that ye Chen will soon surpass him.

Only because he had never seen such a terrifying talent.

"Master, what can I do for you?"

A look of doubt appeared on Ye Chen's face.

He knew there must be something wrong, otherwise the headmaster would never let him come.

"Ye Chen, there are a lot of fierce beasts in the blue sea base city. The blue sea base city turns to us for help."

Although there are many races on huolingsheng Island, most of them are human beings.

Since there are human beings, there is also a base city.

Ye Chen has never heard of the blue sea base city, but he knows that the headmaster only let him go there alone, which proves that the blue sea base city is not a strong base city.

"Ye Chen, would you like to go?"

After pondering for several seconds, the master cloud battle opens his mouth to Ye Chen again.

"Go ahead."

Ye Chen nodded.

Over the past ten days, he has been working hard in the inner door training tower. Now he has broken through from the two star God of war to the three-star God of war. It is OK to relax.

"By the way, ye Chen, you and Qin Ying go. Although Qin Ying is the most favored daughter of my Wuji battle gate, she is still very last to the fierce beast."

Ye Chen thought for a moment and then replied, "yes."

With that, the master of the gate gave him a gold lacquer token.

Ye Chen takes the token. He looks at it and finds that there are four big characters on the gold lacquer token: Wuji battle gate.

"Well, ye Chen, you can go now."

The master of the gate fights against Ye Chen.

When ye Chen hears the speech, he comes out of the hall. He is going to find Qin Ying.

After asking an inner disciple, he found that Qin Ying had gone to the wild.

Ye Chen is stunned, thinking that the headmaster didn't investigate Qin Ying's going to the wild before he and Qin Ying went to the blue sea base?

Fortunately, the inner disciple knew where Qin Ying had gone.

After leaving the Wuji battle gate, ye Chen Ran to heiyun mountain.

Heiyun mountain.

This is a gathering place of fierce beasts not far from the gate of Wuji war.

Ye Chen can think of it with her toes. Qin Ying went to heiyun mountain for training.

Before long, ye Chen arrived at the black cloud mountain.

After arriving at heiyun mountain, ye Chen discovers that the fierce beast on heiyun mountain is not very powerful.

"Come on, I won't kill you!"

Suddenly, Qin Ying's voice came into his ears.

Leaf dust along the sound to see, Qin Ying and dozens of fierce animals are tearing.

These dozens of fierce beasts are not very strong, only a few seconds later, dozens of fierce beasts will fall in the pool of blood.


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