I Copy Talents | Chapter 728 | At The Juncture

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I Can Copy Talents - Manhua Novel

Chapter 728 At The Juncture

 Qin Ying killed these dozens of fierce animals, her white face appeared a touch of satisfaction.

"That's what a fierce beast is!"

Qin Ying gave a cold smile.


Suddenly, a terrible roar came.

Qin Ying's whole body was shocked, because she found that the fierce beast that roared terror must be very terrible!

A few seconds later, a fierce beast appeared in front of her.

"This is..."

Qin Ying's eyes shrunk violently.

"High level beast, superior fierce beast, giant demon wolf?"

Qin Ying looked at the big giant demon wolf in front of her and found that her whole body was full of terror.

Obviously, there is a high-level beast, the fierce beast giant demon wolf, which is equivalent to the human warrior's Ten Star War Zun.

Qin Ying is the king of Ten Star Wars!

However, usually when fierce beasts and martial arts are in the same realm, fierce beasts are usually more powerful than martial artists.

After all, this is the advantage of fierce beasts.

The high-level beast, giant demon wolf, is staring at Qin Ying as if he were looking at Qin Ying.

And Qin Ying's white face became extremely dignified.

Qin Ying didn't expect that the little black cloud mountain would have such a terrible high-level beast with high-level ferocity.


She did not choose to run away. How could she choose to escape?


Suddenly, the high-level wolf rushed towards the beast.

At this time, ye Chen was on the high tree behind Qin Ying.

Qin Ying begins to fight with this high-level beast and fierce beast!


This high-level beast, Qingtian demon wolf, is really more powerful than Qin Ying, but not too much.

Qin Ying and giant demon wolf fight dozens of rounds, is still no victory or defeat.

Ye Chen smiles to himself. He thinks that Qin Ying is pretty good.

After more than 20 rounds, Qin Ying has obviously lost ground.


Not good!

Qin Ying suddenly surprised, because she missed a flaw.

High level beast high-level fierce beast giant demon wolf seized this flaw and attacked Qin Ying fiercely.

Ye Chen thinks Qin Ying can't hide. It's time for him to make a move.

Qin Ying found that there was no time to dodge. After that, a deep look of despair appeared on her white face.

Yes, she is.

If she had known that there were such terrible high-level beasts in heiyun mountain, she would not have chosen to come to heiyun mountain.

But now it's too late. There's no regret medicine in the world.

It was just when the claws of the high-level beast giant demon wolf were about to hit Qin Ying's body.

At this time, only listen to a sonic boom sound!

At once, the high-level beast, the monster wolf, flew upside down.

I saw that the high-level beast, giant demon wolf, hit a tree heavily, and the tree was cut off immediately!

Qin Ying is as dumb as a clay sculpture.

She did not expect that at the last moment of her life, someone would save her.

She looked at it in a hurry, but found that it was not others who appeared in front of her, it was Ye Chen.

"Yes Is it you? "

Qin Ying was stunned. She would never dream that ye Chen would appear beside her at this time.

"Is there anything strange about that?"

Ye Chen's face found out a touch of fun and ignorance.

Qin Ying or stay, if so, then ye Chen is her savior!


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