I Copy Talents | Chapter 729 | Blue Ocean Base City

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Chapter 729 Blue Ocean Base City

 Thinking that the person she hated a few days ago has become her savior

Qin Ying at the moment the shock in the heart of nature has no words can describe.

"Thank you, ye Chen."

Qin Ying's white face showed a touch of gratitude.

"Nothing to thank."

Ye Chen said lightly.


The high-level beast giant demon wolf didn't die. It jumped up from the ground and rushed to the leaf dust angrily.

Ye Chen thinks that he should be able to kill more than a dozen high-level beasts with one punch.

Immediately, he toward the giant demon wolf heavy swing a fist.

I saw an invisible terrorist force, toward the high-level beast high-level fierce beast giant demon wolf flew in the past.

How can the superior beast giant demon wolf resist such a terrible attack.

The invisible terror force hit the giant wolf's body heavily.

I only heard a roar from the monster wolf.

It then from the mid air heavy hit down, the ground was smashed out of a deep hole!

And where does the high-level beast giant demon wolf still have a little life fluctuation.

When Qin Ying saw this, she couldn't help swallowing her saliva, thinking that if ye Chen wanted to kill her, it was too simple.

"Let's go."

Ye Chen's face did not appear any joyful fluctuation, just like killing a fierce beast equivalent to the warrior's Ten Star Wars, just doing a trivial thing.

"Where are you going?"

Qin Ying's white face appeared a look of astonishment. It was obvious that she did not know where ye Chen was going.

"Blue Ocean base city."

The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

At present, he does not know where the blue sea base city is. He has to let Qin Ying lead the way for him.

"Ye Chen, what are you doing in blue sea base city?"

Qin Ying's jade face is even more puzzled.

Immediately, ye Chen told Qin Ying all the things that the master Yun Zhan told him.

Qin Ying heard the speech and understood it.

"Let's go now."

Qin Ying said.

They went to the blue sea base city.

Blue ocean base city.

Blue sea base city is a human base city on Huoling Holy Island.

The base city is not too big or too small.

Over the past few days, blue sea base city has been fighting with fierce beasts several times.

However, the number of fierce beasts is quite large.

They had to turn to the endless war gate for help!

Let some powerful warriors come to help them.

The fierce beasts have all retreated now, but the warriors and troops in blue sea base know that the next attack of fierce beasts will not be long, so they have to be prepared.

Ye Chen and Qin Ying arrive at the blue sea base city.

"Ye Chen, where are we going now?"

Qin Ying asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen thought, "go directly to the highest authority of blue sea base city."

The highest authority of blue sea base city is blue ocean Council!

Before long, ye Chen and Qin Ying arrived in front of the blue sea Parliament.


As the highest authority of blue sea base city, blue sea parliament hall naturally has many warriors guarding the gate.

More than a dozen warriors stare at Ye Chen and Qin Ying. They don't know ye Chen and Qin Ying.

"Who are you?"

"We are of the infinite."

Qin Ying said.


More than a dozen warriors were stunned. They didn't expect Qin Ying to say such a thing.

"Do you really belong to the Infinite War gate?"


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