I Copy Talents | Chapter 731 | Do Not Believe

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Chapter 731 Do Not Believe

 Hearing Ye Chen's words, more than a dozen old people in the blue ocean Council couldn't help being a little bit stunned.

They think that Qin Ying's speech is very strong, but they have no idea that ye Chen's speech is so penetrating.

"You What kind of state are you? "

The old faces of more than a dozen old people were somewhat shocked. They thought that ye Chen would dare to say such a thing. He should be a terrible genius.

"You," leaf dust light looking at a dozen old people, "really want to know my realm?"

More than a dozen old people were stunned. They thought about when it was, and ye Chen was still selling off.

Naturally, they want to know the realm of Ye Chen.

What a palace. All the people in the hall are looking at the blue dust.

But what they want to break their heads will not think of is that ye Chen has said such a realm.

"I am the three star God of war."


Hearing this, more than a dozen old people all froze.

Samsung God of war?

This How is that possible?

These ten old people all think that they must have heard wrong.

They looked at the leaf dust in horror, but found that there was no fluctuation on the face of the leaf dust.

"Are you really the three star God of war?"

"Yes, you don't believe it?"

Ye Chen's face showed a touch of fun and ignorance.

More than a dozen old people smell the speech, you look at me, I look at you, all some look at each other.

Suddenly, they all thought of an amazing possibility.

That is, ye Chen and Qin Ying lied to them.

How can you reach such a terrible state at such an age!

"I don't know if they believe it or not. I don't believe it anyway!"

Suddenly, an old man sitting right above said to Ye Chen.

"Name: Zhang Kun."

"Cultivation talent: Heaven level."

"Hidden talent: great power talent."

"Realm: Nine Star battle Zun."

The talent and realm information of the old man speaking appeared in the retina of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen knows that Zhang Kun is the strongest among the dozen old people.

Hearing Zhang Kun's words, more than a dozen old people also nodded. It was obvious that they didn't believe Ye Chen was the three-star God of war.

Ye Chen did not want to explain.

He knew that it was useless for him to explain what the more than ten old people didn't believe.

"Stop talking nonsense and take us to the outer city wall."

Ye Chen said slowly.

More than a dozen old people were stunned, and their old faces were very unhappy.

They all knew that the Wuji battle sect didn't really want to help them, otherwise they would never let the two disciples come.


Although they did not believe that ye Chen and Qin Ying were strong, they knew that ye Chen and Qin Ying were true disciples of the Wuji war sect.

Their blue sea base city can not afford to offend the endless war gate.

After more than a dozen old people whispered, they got up and took Ye Chen and Qin Ying to the city wall outside the blue sea base.

Before long, ye Chen and Qin Ying went to the outer city wall.

The outer city wall of blue sea base city is very high, 20 meters high.

"Do you know when the fierce beast will attack again?"

Ye Chen asked.

"I don't know, but it should be these days."

Zhang Kun said that he thought that since the Wuji war gate didn't really want to help them with the blue sea base city, they could only rely on themselves now.


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