I Copy Talents | Chapter 735 | Blood Wolf Evil Organization

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Chapter 735 Blood Wolf Evil Organization

 With this hair numbing scream, there was no more help.

It is obvious that the life of the man who called for help has disappeared into the world.

"Fierce beast?"

Qin Ying's white face was dignified.

In her opinion, it should be someone who came here and met the fierce beast and was killed by the fierce beast.

There was still a distance between the scream and them, but the warrior's hearing was very sensitive.

Ye Chen thought it was a fierce beast, but the next sound was to let him find out that he was wrong.

"Big brother, these people are really boring. They only have a little bit of Yuanjing."

"That is, do you dare not bring more Yuanjing when you go out? What a nuisance

"Don't say it, cut off their heads, or I'll be angry!"

Hearing such a sound, ye Chen and Qin Ying can't help but look at each other because they know that this is an evil organization!

"Ye Chen, what are you going to do?"

Qin Ying asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen laughed, "what else can I do, of course, to kill those evil organizations."


Qin Ying also nodded.

They began to follow the sound.

Before long, they found more than a dozen headless bodies.

The scene is terrible!

Obviously, these ten headless corpses were all warriors before their lives, but the realm was not too high.

And there are dozens of men, right in front of them.


Dozens of men were all stunned. They had no idea that ye Chen and Qin Ying would suddenly appear. They had already prepared to leave.

See these dozens of men are all wearing black clothes, black clothes above there are two blood red characters, blood wolf!

There is no doubt that these dozens of men are blood wolf evil organization people!

"Are you two lost?"

A two star war King stares at Ye Chen and says with a smile.

Ye Chen didn't speak because a two star war king was too weak in front of him. He couldn't have any interest in talking to the two-star war king.

The two Star Wars king saw Ye Chen and Qin Ying did not mean to answer, and their faces did not have any fear of fluctuations, can not help but some anger.

"I said you are not afraid of our blood wolf evil organization?"

The two star war king said to Ye Chen and Qin Ying.

Obviously, the king of two-star war has the highest level among dozens of men.

"It's just a poor, evil organization. There's nothing to be afraid of."

Ye Chen said lightly.


Two star war king and dozens of men heard this, have a surprise, where to think ye dust will say such words.

"Boy, don't you want to live?"

The two Star Wars King frowned and said coldly to the leaf dust.

Ye Chen smiles.

Just because the two Star Wars king said, it was too funny.

"Since you think we don't want to live, come here," Ye Chen pointed to the two star war King nearby. "Let me kill you."


Dozens of men were stunned, in any case would not think that ye Chen was so arrogant.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Suddenly, the king of two Star Wars burst out laughing.

"Boy, you You mean you can kill us? "

"Is it difficult?"

Ye CHENFENG's face is full of fun and ignorance.


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