I Copy Talents | Chapter 748 | Sit On The Mountain And Watch The Tiger Fight

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Chapter 748 Sit On The Mountain And Watch The Tiger Fight

 Lin Yu smell speech is very surprised to look at the leaf dust, a few seconds later she just returned to God.

"What do you mean, are you an inner disciple?"

"Yes, is there anything to be surprised at?"

Leaf dust light looking at the forest rain.

Can let leaf dust is very did not think of is, Lin Yu is a cold smile, her white face appeared a touch of irony.

"Do you think I will believe it?"

In Lin Yu's opinion, she would never believe that ye Chen was an inner disciple.

Ye Chen is stunned, thinking that no one will believe the truth these days?

"I'm really an inner disciple."

Leaf dust helpless smile.

"Ha ha!" Lin Yu cold voice a smile, "I really don't understand, so far, you still have what can be installed!"

"Forget it."

Leaf dust shook his head, he did not want to talk to Lin Yu.

But what he didn't expect was that Lin Yu did not give up.

"Say it Lin Yu stares at Ye Chen, "are you a disciple of Wuji battle gate?"

Ye Chen sighed to himself.

"Have you heard that the first day of Wuji war is not Chu Feng."

"What? Really? "

"Yes, yes, I have also heard that the first day of the Wuji war gate is now called Ye Chen."

Several disciples not far from ye Chen discussed.

However, Lin Yu looked cold. She cast her eyes at several foreign disciples who were discussing and said, "is it useful to discuss this? Are you Chu Feng for ye Chen? You just need to know that people like that are mountains we can't cross

"Yes, yes, sister Lin Yu."

Obviously, these disciples are very scared of Lin Yu and quickly nod.

"Ha ha, Lin Yu."

Suddenly, another sound appeared in the ear of leaf dust.

Leaf dust along the voice to see the past, found that another girl came, the girl is also very beautiful.

"Name: Huang Xue."

"Cultivation talent: Yellow level."

"Hidden talent: Wood talent."

"Realm: five star war king."

The girl's talent and realm information appeared in the retina of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen thinks that this girl is also the beautiful girl of the outer gate. It seems that she and Lin Yu are the upper mountain tiger and the lower mountain tiger, and the dragon in the cloud meets the dragon in the fog.

"Huang Xue, what are you doing here?"

Lin Yu frowned.

"Lin Yu, you know, this is the outside door of stepless war, not your home!"

Huang Xue looks at Lin Yu sarcastically.


Lin Yu was very angry when he heard the speech.

"Oh, yo, I'm so scared that the girl in the outer gate is angry."

Huang Xue giggled.

Ye Chen did not speak, he was ready to sit on the mountain to watch the tiger fight.

But what he didn't think of in any case was that Huang Xue pulled him up!

See, Huang Xue did not continue to pay attention to Lin Yu, but cast his eyes to the leaf dust.

It doesn't matter if you don't see it. I'm shocked.

Because ye Chen's appearance is too beautiful.

She swore that she had never seen such a beautiful person as ye Chen.

"Lin Yu, is he your friend?"

"Ha ha! Do you think I'll make friends with people like this. "

Lin Yu's white face is full of thick disdain.

"Lin Yu, don't you think it's too hurtful to talk like that?"

Huang Xue smiles coldly, and a touch of fun appears on her face.

"I'm really not her friend."

Ye Chen said with a smile.

"Then tell me your name."

Said Huang Xue.


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