I Copy Talents | Chapter 751 | Outer Door Master

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Chapter 751 Outer Door Master

 I saw that Lin Yu's palm with Yuan force was only a line away from the leaf dust.

When all the disciples in the square think ye Chen will use blink again and disappear in place.

There was a scene that shocked them.

Because Lin Yu's palm with Yuan force hit Ye Chen's body heavily.


All the disciples in the square could not help but gasp and gape at this scene.

Previously, Lin Yu said to Ye Chen, there is a kind of you standing there to give me a slap, and ye Chen agreed to come down.

But they didn't take ye Chen's words seriously. How could they stand there and let people fight.

Now, Lin Yu's hand with Yuan force is really hitting Ye Chen's body.

Looking at such a scene, all the outside disciples know that ye Chen's fate must be very miserable!

Just because Lin Yu's hand with Yuan force hit him hard.


The next second, all the outside disciples in the square were shocked like five thunders.

Because ye Chen's face didn't fluctuate at all, just like when the palm with Yuan force hit him, there was nothing at all.

How could it be?!

Lin Yu also froze.

When she hit Ye Chen's body with a heavy blow, she was secretly glad because she knew that ye Chen would fly backwards.

But what she would never have thought of was that it would be such a scene.

For a moment, everyone in the square couldn't speak because they were so shocked.

"You, you, you You... "

Lin Yu looks at Ye Chen in horror. At this time, where can she still say a complete sentence.

"You just said let me stand still, let you hit a palm, now you also hit me on the body, but I'm ok," leaf dust light looking at Lin Yu, "what do you think?"

At this time, Lin Yu's white face is full of shock, really do not know how to answer Ye Chen's words.

"What's going on?"

At this moment, a deep sound came into all ears.

All people quickly follow the voice to see, do not look at it does not matter, a look on their faces is a little flustered up.

Just because it was not someone else, it was Huang Guang, the leader of the outer gate.


The other disciples on the square called respectfully.

Ye Chen looks at the middle-aged man coming. Of course, he knows Huang Guang. He met him at the inner door. He was introduced to him by the head of the gate, Yun Zhan.

Huang Guang came to the people.

"Master, he, he is not a disciple of our wujizhan sect, but he appears in our wujizhan gate!"

Seeing Huang Guang coming, Lin Yu said to Huang Guang.


Huang Guangyi Zheng, thinking that there are still people who dare to enter the endless war?

But when he looked at the leaf dust, his face was frozen.

"Leaf dust?"

"Why did you come to our door?"

After returning to God, Huang Guang said with a smile to Ye Chen.


On hearing Huang Guang's words, all the disciples in the square were tongue tied.

Leaf dust?

Is this man really leaf dust?

Is it really Ye Chen, the first day of Wuji war?

Even the headmaster called like this, can there be any fake?

Previously, when Lin Yu said that he pretended to be leaf dust, they also showed disdain smile.

But where would they have thought that ye Chen was the first day of the Wuji war gate!


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