I Copy Talents | Chapter 753 | Meet A Mercenary

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Chapter 753 Meet A Mercenary

 Ye Chen Zheng Zheng Zheng, he looked at Huang Xue, "are you afraid?"

"Master, in fact," Lin Yu began to stop his words. "I'm afraid, too."


Ye Chen thinks that Lin Yu and Huang Xue are both five-star war kings. How can they feel like ordinary people?

In the eyes of many ordinary people, the five-star war king is immortal like existence!

But now Lin Yu and Huang Xue Tell ye Chen that they dare not enter the gathering place of fierce animals?

"Master, someone!"

Suddenly, Lin Yu said to Ye Chen in a hurry.

Ye dust was also found.

But to his surprise, a group of mercenaries came.

Looking at the group of mercenaries in front of him, ye Chen couldn't help laughing, thinking that there were mercenaries in the Huoling Holy Island.

A dozen mercenaries came over.

"High talent."

"Medium talent."

"Medium talent."

The talent of more than ten mercenaries appeared in Ye Chen's retina.

"Who are you, please?"

A middle-aged man looking very strong asked the three.

"Name: Li Qi."

"Cultivation talent: high."

"Hidden talent: low defense talent."

"Realm: two star war general."

The talent and realm information of the strong man appeared in the retina of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen can think of it with his toes. The strong man is the leader of this group of mercenaries because he is the most powerful one among them.

"We are the disciples of wujizhan sect. We come here to experience."

Ye Chen said to the strong man.

More than a dozen mercenaries were shocked at the news!

Endless war gate?!

In their eyes, the endless war gate is the existence that can't be looked up to!

"You Are you really a disciple of wujizhan sect? "

Li Qi still couldn't believe it and continued to say to the three people.

"Yes, is there anything strange about it?"

A look of doubt appeared on Ye Chen's face.

Listening to Ye Chen's reply, Li Qi could not help showing a surprise on his face.

"Master, there is a junior beast in the south city. Can you..."

Li Qi began to stop again.

Ye Chen certainly understood Li Qi's meaning, "yes."

More than ten mercenaries agreed to Ye Chen without even thinking about it. Their faces were excited.

"Thank you, master."

Li Qi looks at Ye Chen gratefully.

Ye Chen's face was as calm as water. From Li Qi's mouth, he knew that the fierce beasts in the South City were too weak to be pitiful.

But Lin Yu and Huang Xue are the five-star war king, but dare not enter!

This makes Ye Chen shake his head helplessly.

"Let's go into town."

Ye Chen said.

More than a dozen mercenaries nodded in a hurry.

Then they all went to the south city.

Into the south city!

As soon as they entered the South City, they were surrounded by dozens of fierce beasts.

But in front of them, these fierce beasts are too weak to be pitiful.

Without Ye Chen, Lin Yu and Huang Xue, more than a dozen mercenaries solved these fierce beasts.

They went on


Suddenly, a terrible roar came into their ears.

The faces of more than a dozen mercenaries all had a thick look of horror.

"Master, this is the roar of the fierce beast of the first rank."

Li Qi said to Ye Chen.

More than a dozen mercenaries also look at Ye Chen, but they find that there is no fluctuation in Ye Chen's face.

"It's just a junior beast, a high-level fierce beast."

Ye Chen said lightly.


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