I Copy Talents | Chapter 754 | Moon Wolf

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Chapter 754 Moon Wolf

 More than a dozen mercenaries were stunned.

Isn't it the first level beast with high level of ferocity?

That's a junior beast. It's a fierce beast.

I saw a fierce beast like this appeared in front of the people.

"Primary beast God level fierce beast moon demon wolf!"

Ye Chen is not interested in this beast. In his eyes, he is too weak.

A look of horror appeared on the faces of more than a dozen mercenaries.

Only because if they face this moon demon wolf, there is no possibility of survival at all.

"Who of you will kill the first level beast, the senior beast?"

Ye Chen looks at the forest rain and yellow snow.


Lin Yu and Huang Xue didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing. They all had a look of amazement on their white faces.

"What? Don't you dare? "

Ye Li's face also appeared a touch of shock.

He thought that Lin Yu and Huang Xue did not dare to enter the south city because the fierce beasts in the South City were very powerful.

But now, he found out that he was not only wrong, but also to the point of being more wrong!

"I I'll go

A few seconds later, Lin Yu said to the leaf dust.

Ye Chen looked at Lin Yu's startled face, and he was relieved.

Although Lin Yu is the king of the five-star war, he is the flower in the greenhouse. It is estimated that he has not faced any fierce beast.

"Go ahead."

The leaf dust slowly opened his mouth to the forest rain.

The first level beast, the fierce beast Mingyue demon wolf, did not start. It was looking at the group of human beings in front of him!

See, Lin Yu went out!


Seeing that Lin Yu came out, the moon demon wolf, a fierce beast of the first rank, roared at the forest rain, and then rushed to the forest rain.

Although Lin Yu is very afraid, but she did not step back.

She put up her palm, and the strength of the palm condensed.

"Come on

Lin Yu's silver teeth bit, toward the primary beast level fierce beast silver moon demon wolf fierce attack out.

The pupil of the primary beast, the fierce beast Mingyue demon wolf, shrinks fiercely. How can it think that Lin Yu is so terrible!

Just this one hand, it can not resist!


I saw, from the palm of Lin Yu's hand, Yuan Li hit heavily on the body of Mingyue demon wolf.

Then, the first level beast, the fierce beast Mingyue demon wolf, screamed.

With the scream of the moon demon wolf, its life disappeared from the world forever.

"This, this, this..."

Lin Yu was shocked.

She didn't think that the moon demon wolf was so dead.

More than a dozen mercenaries were also stunned.

Of course, they didn't expect that the fierce beast that could not be surpassed in their eyes was killed with one hand.

"Now, you should know how weak the fierce beast in this is?"

Ye Chen smiles at Lin Yu.

"Well, I know, master."

Lin Yu also smiles at the leaf dust.

More than a dozen mercenaries had some doubts about three people, wondering if they would not be the people of the Infinite War gate. However, because of the death of Mingyue demon wolf, the first level beast, such suspicions have collapsed!

Close, Lin Yu and Huang Xue started a massacre in Nancheng!

Ye Chen thought that the south city had no meaning, so he left the south city with Lin Yu and Huang Xue.

The bodies of those fierce beasts were naturally given to a dozen mercenaries.

The body of fierce beast, many places are treasures!

With the bodies of these fierce beasts, the mercenaries are really rich!


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