I Copy Talents | Chapter 757 | These People Are Just Ants

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Chapter 757 These People Are Just Ants

 All the people in the restaurant are looking at Ye Chen with consternation.

They thought, what kind of existence Ye Chen is, even Zhang Jia is not afraid.

Before long, Zhang Zhi took the people from Zhangjia to the restaurant!

"Boy, get out of here!"

Zhang Zhi kept shouting outside the restaurant.

All the people in the restaurant did not leave. Naturally, they would not miss such a wonderful scene.

They all look at Ye Chen and wonder what ye Chen will do?

But what they didn't think of was that ye Chen's face was as calm as water, as if they had not heard anything at all.

"Go out and have a look."

Ye Chen said slowly to the forest rain and yellow snow.

Lin Yu and Huang Xue smell speech to nod, follow leaf dust to go out.

Three people out of the restaurant, they found Zhang Zhi and dozens of Zhang's children dead looking at Ye Chen.

"Boy, do you know you're scared now?"

Zhang Zhi stares at Ye Chen angrily.

Ye Chen's face was still as calm as water. He looked at Zhang Zhi and said:

"what are you bringing these people for?"

"What are you doing?"

Zhang zhiyizheng, where did he expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"You knocked out my front teeth. Now ask me what I'm doing here?"

Zhang Zhichong leaves dust cold drink way.

More and more people were watching, and they were all talking.

"Who has provoked the young master of Zhangjia? Isn't it seeking death?"

"Who says not? It's really too long to dare to offend Master Zhang Zhi in Heyuan base city."

"Look, it's going to be a good show."

At the moment, everyone looked at Ye Chen and wanted to know how ye Chen would answer.

"But why do you bring them to revenge?"

Leaf dust's face appeared a thick play ignorance.

Zhang zhiyizheng, of course, did not understand what ye Chen meant.

"What do you mean?" Zhang Zhi is extremely cold staring at Ye Chen.

The ant's smile is just "I mean in front of these people."


As soon as this word came out, all the onlookers were shocked. They would never think that ye Chen was so arrogant.

So many people in front of him, just ants?

Zhang Zhi naturally did not expect Ye Chen to say so, and he was furious.

"Boy, I'll let you know the price of offending me!"

With Zhang Zhi's drinking, dozens of men from Zhangjia rushed to Ye Chen.

Lin Yu and Huang Xue's white faces did not show any fluctuation, just because these people were so weak in their eyes, let alone in the eyes of Ye Chen.


I saw that ye Chen made a fist at will.

Ah, ah, ah!

Dozens of Zhang's children who rushed in were flying backwards.


At this time, the sound of sonic boom appears.

This, this, this

Zhang Zhi looked at such a scene, like five thunders, frozen in place.

The onlookers gasped and gaped.

A punch All these people are flying upside down?

They would never dream of such a scene!

This man How strong is it?!

They can't think of it anymore.

Dozens of men in Zhangjia fell heavily on the ground, their faces were swollen like pigs' heads, and they were shouting over and over on the ground.

"I said, these people are just mole ants," Ye Chen looked at Zhang Zhi faintly, "why don't you believe it?"


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