I Copy Talents | Chapter 758 | Could It Be That The Supreme Existence Cannot Be Achieved

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Chapter 758 Could It Be That The Supreme Existence Cannot Be Achieved

 At this time, where can Zhang Zhi say a complete sentence? He looks at Ye Chen in horror.

"You You... "

Ye Chen's face appears a touch of play, he looks at Zhang Zhi lightly.

"What do you think I should do to you?"

"I I am... "

Ye Chen knows that Zhang Zhi wants to use his identity to make him retreat.

All of this, he did not let Zhang Zhi finish.


Zhang Zhi, the young master of Zhangjia, screamed and flew out.

Zhang Zhi hit the ground heavily!


Ye Chen shook his head secretly.

Zhang Zhi's pain was beyond the limit. He got up from the ground in horror. He never thought that ye Chen could exist like this.

Dozens of men in Zhangjia also got up from the ground, and they were all shocked.

"Little Lord, what to do?"

"Go back."

Zhang Zhi said in a hurry that he didn't dare to stay here.

Then a group of people left.

"Let's go for a walk in the street."

Ye Chen said to Lin Yu and Huang Xue.

The two girls nodded at the smell of speech. Their faces were slightly flushed, and their hearts were full of deer.



Zhang Zhi returned to Zhangjia with dozens of men.

"Little Lord, what's the matter?"

All the people in Zhangjia were shocked when they saw this.

Zhang Zhi ignored them and ran to the hall.


After arriving at the Zhangjia hall, Zhang Zhi called out. But because the front teeth have been knocked out, it's really funny.

At the moment, Zhang Tong, the leader of the Zhang family, and all the elders are sitting in the hall, looking at Zhang Zhi's appearance, they are a bit in a daze.

Previously, Zhang Zhi replied that Zhang Jia didn't tell them about the restaurant, but took people directly to find Ye Chen.

"Zhi'er, what's going on?"

Zhang Tong, the leader of the family, asked in a hurry.

"If I go back to my grandfather, I will be beaten..."

Immediately, Zhang Zhi told Zhang Tong, the leader of the Zhangjia family, what happened.


Zhang Tong and his family owners were all shocked. They didn't think that there were people who dared to fight Zhang Zhi in this Heyuan base city.


Dozens of people in Zhangjiakou were killed with one blow?


After the anger, Zhang Tong, the leader of the Zhangjia family, and all the elders became rational.

They know that there are countless strong men in this world.


All of a sudden, they thought of an amazing possibility, that is, Zhang Zhijie got a strong warrior.

"Zhi'er, have you offended any supreme existence?"

Zhang Tong, the leader of the Zhang family, asked Zhang Zhi.

"I, I, I..."

Zhang Zhi swallows saliva, "anyway, that person's face is very indifferent, as if we have nothing in Zhangjia."


Zhang Tong, the leader of the Zhang family and the elders, look at me and I will see you.

Is it true that Heyuan base city has come? What is the supreme existence?

"Grandfather, what are you doing in a daze? Revenge me

Zhang Zhi advocated general theory to the Zhangjia family.

"Shut up!"

Can let Zhang Zhi is very did not think of is, the Zhangjia family advocates pass is cold drink.

"Grandfather, you..."

Zhang Zhi was stunned. He didn't think his grandfather would treat him like this.

"You have provoked a powerful warrior. Do you know that there is no dignity in this world?"

"If one is not careful, our zhangjias will be destroyed!"

Zhang Jia advocates that iron can not be made into steel.


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