I Copy Talents | Chapter 759 | We Are Disciples Of The Promise Battle

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Chapter 759 We Are Disciples Of The Promise Battle

 Yang Qi, Lin Yu and Huang Xue have been walking on the street of Heyuan base city for a long time. They find that they are meaningless and prepare to leave Heyuan base city.

To their surprise, they met Zhang Zhi again!

"You Is it you? "

When Zhang Zhi saw the three men, he stepped back several steps.

People are stunned, thinking that in Heyuan base city, there will be people who frighten Zhang Zhi to such a degree?

They look at Ye Chen, Lin Yu and Huang Xue, but they don't know each other.

"What?" Leaf dust light looking at Zhang Zhi, "you have not been hit enough?"

Hearing this, Zhang Zhiwen felt a chill from the sole of his feet to the sky. He looked at the leaf dust in horror.

"No, no, no, I, I, I, I..."

For a long time, Zhang Zhicai said a complete sentence.

"Master, my grandfather said that if he met you, he would invite you to my family."

Ye Chen, Lin Yu and Huang Xue were all slightly stunned. They did not expect Zhang Zhihui to say such a thing.

"Is that what your grandfather said?"

Ye Chen smiles.

"It's true. Do I dare to cheat my predecessors?"

Zhang Zhi pitifully said to Ye Chen.

"All right."

Ye Chen nodded.

He was not afraid that Zhang Zhi would cheat him, just because he did not pay attention to the whole family.

Zhang Zhijian leaf dust agreed to come down, the face can not help but appear a touch of joy.

"Let's go, master."

With that, Zhang Zhi led the way for the three.

It was not long before the three arrived outside the Zhangjiakou.

All the people in Zhangjia looked at the three people with some doubts. They had never seen them in Heyuan base city.

You know, Zhang Zhi's friends are all influential young masters in Heyuan base city.

But the three in front of me, obviously not.

"Master, wait a minute. I'll tell my grandfather."

With that, Zhang Zhi walked into the hall.

In the hall, Zhang Tong, the leader of the Zhang family, was talking with the elders about something. Zhang Zhi came in.

"Zhi'er, what can I do for you?"

"Granddad, they were invited by me."


Zhang Jia advocated that Zheng should be eliminated.

"Those who hit me."


Zhang Tong, the leader of the Zhangjia family, and all the elders were shocked.


"It's true, of course. They're outside the hall now."

Zhang Zhi said.

"Then invite them in!"

Intuition tells Zhang Tong, the leader of the Zhangjia family, that the person who plays Zhang Zhi must be a strong warrior.

Before long, they saw Ye Li, Lin Yu and Huang Xue.

Zhang Tong, the leader of the Zhangjia family, and all the elders were in a daze. They would never have thought that they were so young.

"May I ask you..."

Before Zhang Tong's words were finished, Lin Yu interrupted him. She said to Zhang Tong, "we are disciples of wujizhan sect."


Zhang Tong, the leader of the Zhangjia family, and the elders were shocked to hear this, just like a bolt from the blue.

The endless war gate Disciple?

You know, in their eyes, the endless war gate is the supreme existence.

Zhang Zhi was also stunned. He would never dream that they were disciples of Wuji battle sect.

Compared with the Wuji war gate, Zhangjia is a heaven and an earth!

"Quick, quick Please have a seat

For a while, Zhang Tong, the leader of the family, did not know how to speak.


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