I Copy Talents | Chapter 765 | Something Big Happened

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Chapter 765 Something Big Happened

 Zhang Jia advocated to hear the words and nodded quickly.

Order the attack again!

Ye Chen holds the three magic halberds of the ancient evil soldiers, and wherever he goes is a river of blood.

Before long, only half of the thousands of water demons were left.

How dare these half dare to fight again? Their faces will be shocked as much as they want!


Only one man yelled.

Then, hundreds of men all fled madly.


They can't escape anyway.

As the saying goes, weeding is necessary.

A moment later, the evil group of water demons was wiped out.

"Go ahead. It's up to you."

Ye Chen said slowly.

"How about you, master?"

Zhang Tong, the leader of Zhangjia family, looks at Ye Chen and asks.


The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

Lin Yu and Huang Xue look at Ye Chen's face. They have already become Ye Chen's little fan sister!

Ye Chen not only has unparalleled strength, but also has a beautiful face.

"Let's go."

Ye Chen said to Lin Yu and Huang Xue.

Lin Yu and Huang Xue nodded in a hurry.

So they left.

"Where are we going now, master?"

Lin Yu's white face appeared a look of doubt.

"Go back."

Leaves from the mouth slowly.

Go back?

Lin Yu and Huang Xue are a little stunned. Of course, they didn't expect Ye Chen to say such a thing.

"What? You don't want to go back? "

Ye Chen said with a smile.

He wanted to go down the mountain from the Wuji war gate, but the second daughter was not willing to go down the mountain with him.

But now

Ye Chen smiles to himself, thinking that this is his charm?

"No, sir, we just..."

Lin Yu said, but did not continue to say, just because she really did not know how to say.

The three began to head for the endless war.


Endless war gate, outer gate.

Ye Chen, Lin Yu and Huang Xue returned to the outer gate of the Wuji war.

The disciples on the outer gate square already knew that ye Chen was the first day of wujizhan gate, and their faces were full of deep admiration and admiration.

Then he came to the door and stayed at the door for a while.

However, what he didn't expect was that he had just arrived at the inner door and found a great event!

After the leaf dust arrived at the inner door, huoyun'er and Qingluo came over in a hurry.

"Master, something happened."

Fire rhyme son says urgently to leaf dust.

What happened?

Ye Chen was stunned, and a look of doubt appeared on his face.

"What's the matter?"

"Fierce beasts invade our family in large numbers, and there are also the heavenly snake clan."

Fire rhyme son answers.

Fierce beast?

Ye Chen is startled. He thinks that the strength of the fire spirit bird clan and the sky snake clan is extremely strong. How dare the fierce beast invade?

"What do you think?"

Ye Chen said to huoyun'er and Qingluo.

"We want to go back, but the headmaster won't let us leave."

Huo yun'er and Qingluo said.

The leaf dust hears the speech to ponder for several seconds, "I go to ask the headmaster."

Immediately, the leaf dust then went to the hall.


Ye Chen called out to the door master Yun Zhan.

"Ye Chen, you are back."

Cloud Zhan, the door master on the throne, had a look of joy on his face.

"The master of the gate, the fire spirit birds and the snakes..."

Ye Chen's words haven't finished, they are interrupted by the master cloud war.

"The war there was too fierce, so I didn't let huoyun'er and Qingluo go back."

Master Yun Zhan said to Ye Chen.


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