I Copy Talents | Chapter 766 | Fierce Beasts Attack The Holy City Of Fire Spirit

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Chapter 766 Fierce Beasts Attack The Holy City Of Fire Spirit

 Ye Chen was shocked!

He thought that Huo Kun, the leader of Tianniao clan, and tianxukong, the patriarch of tianshe clan, were the gods of war on the nine terraces!

With such a strong presence, fierce beasts dare to attack?

This, this, this

Is this fierce beast so strong?

"It's said that some fierce beasts are high-level beast gods."

"And it's a fierce beast equivalent to the Ten Star God of war."

Master Yun Zhan said to Ye Chen.

A fierce beast equivalent to the Ten Star God of war?

Ye Chen was surprised and thought how strong the fierce beast was!


Ye Chen suddenly thought of something, he thought that the door master is also the Ten Star God of war.

"Master, it's better to..."

"Ye Chen, you don't want us to help huolingtianniao and tianshe clan?"

A look of amazement appeared on the face of the master Yun Zhan.

"Is there anything that can't be done?"

Ye Chen's face is very puzzled. He thinks Huo yun'er and Qingluo are the inner disciples of Wuji war gate after all.

But what ye Chen didn't think of was that the headmaster Yun Zhan shook his head.



Ye Chen saw that the headmaster yunzhan answered so firmly that he could not say anything.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for the supernatural power. "

"Congratulations to the host for breaking through the realm of the four-star God of war."

Suddenly, the sound of the system appeared in his mind.

Supernatural power?

Four star God of war?

Leaf dust secretly a joy, think is really want what to come.

Then, he came out of the hall to the fire rhyme and green Luo side.

"Master, what do you say

"The headmaster is not willing to help your family. Let me go back with you."

The leaf dust slowly opened its mouth.

Fire rhyme son and green Luo smell speech, white face appeared a touch of gratitude color.

Three people, left the endless war gate.


Fire spirit birds and snakes should unite to resist the fierce beast!

This time the fierce beast is too fierce!

The corpses of fierce beast, fire spirit, sky bird and sky snake are piled up like mountains. It's really heartbreaking to look at them.

Ye Chen, huoyun'er and Qingluo arrive outside the holy city of fire spirit.

It is found that the fierce beast is attacking the holy city of fire spirit.

"Master, what to do?"

Looking at such a scene, fire rhyme son can't help but be anxious.

Ye Chen takes out three magic halberds from the system space.

On the three magic halberds, the talent of dragon, the talent of divine power, the talent of great power, the talent of earth and the talent of high power all appear on the three magic halberd.

Suddenly, the three magic halberds became extremely terrible.

All of a sudden, ye Chen urges tiancanlingbu, an intermediate martial art skill of Tianjie, to the fierce beasts.

Shua Shua Shua!

"Use: supernatural power!"

Ye Chen knows that there is no senior beast God level fierce beast in this group.

Otherwise, even if he used supernatural combat power, he would not be the equivalent of the human warrior's Ten Star land God fierce beast's opponent.

After the use of supernatural combat power, the breath of Ye Chen's whole body has reached an extremely terrible level.

Ye Chen rushes into the fierce beasts with three magic halberds, just like a tiger into a wolf pack. It's rolling and crawling!

Countless fierce beasts, all died under the three magic halberds!

"How could that be possible?"

On the holy city of fire spirit, countless fire spirit birds and snakes looked at such a scene and couldn't help but be shocked.

"Who is this man?"

"By the way, he is Ye Chen. Go and report to the two patriarchs!"

A fire spirit bird in a hurry to shout.

The fierce beast attacking the holy city of fire spirit is not very strong. Ye Chen thinks that it should not be the main force of fierce beast.


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