I Copy Talents | Chapter 767 | Feng Cang Appeared 2

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Chapter 767 Feng Cang Appeared 2

 The fierce beasts who attacked the holy city of fire spirit saw that ye Chen was like the God of war, and they were all terrified.

You know, ye Chen is now a four-star God of war realm, plus supernatural combat power can increase a thousand times!

He already has some of the strength of the Seven Star God of war!


Fierce beasts, keep roaring.

On the wall of the holy city of fire spirit, the fire spirit sky bird and the sky snake, their eyes are all wide open, as if to see a ghost.


Half an hour later, the supernatural combat effectiveness disappeared, and the terror attached to Ye Chen disappeared.

Huoyun'er and Qingluo have been frozen in place as if they had seen a scene that would never be seen.

At this time, Huo Kun, the leader of Huoling Tianniao, and tianxukong, the leader of tianshe clan, also came to the wall.

"Leaf dust?"

Fire Kun's face appeared a very happy smile.

Immediately, the city gate opened!

Ye Chen, huoyun'er and Qingluo walk in.

The temple.

Ye Chen, huoyun'er and Qingluo are already in the temple.

"Ye Chen, how did you come back suddenly?"

Huo Kun, the leader of Huo Lingtian bird clan, looks at Ye Chen with some consternation.

Obviously, he didn't expect a few people to come back suddenly.

"Grandfather, we only came back after knowing that the fierce beast attacked."

Fire rhyme son says to fire Kun.

Huo Kun, the head of the fire spirit bird clan, sighed heavily.

"The snake city is lost."


Green Luo smell speech whole body can't help but for one shock, she looked to grandfather sky void.

The tianshe people are divided into two surnames, Tian and Qing!

Although tianxukong is not Qingluo's grandfather, she is also her grandfather according to seniority.

"Is that true, grandfather?"


The sky is empty and the sky is empty.

"That fierce beast is really terrible."

The sky is empty.

Ye Chen thinks that the high-level beast God level fierce beast, is really terrible, they can't match at all.

"What should I do?"

He didn't know what to do.

"Just now those fierce beasts were just a small trial of ox knives. Before long, the fierce beasts will attack the holy city of fire spirit with all their strength, and then the holy city of fire spirit will be destroyed."

Huo Kun, the head of Huo Lingtian bird clan, said.

In the hall, all the people are dignified.

"I said, isn't it just a small high-level beast? Is there anything to be afraid of?"

Suddenly, a voice of the old man and disdain came into everyone's ears.


The fire spirits, birds and snakes in the hall were all startled. It was hard to think that someone would dare to say such a thing at this time.

They quickly looked around and found that no one said this.

But ye Chen

Ye Chen was excited.

Just because the sound was so familiar, he didn't know how long he hadn't heard it.

"Xiaochenzi, don't be hurt."

I saw a dirty old man stride in.

Although the old man's whole body is dirty, there is a hundred steps in front of him and behind him!

"Master Feng!"

Ye Chen quickly called to the old man.

The old man is no one else, it's fengcang.

Before, ye Chen could not see the realm of fengcang, but now his talent and realm information appeared in his retina.

"Name: Feng Cang."

"Cultivation talent: Divine level."

"Hidden talent: magma talent."

"Realm: Ten Star God of war."

Ten stars God of war?


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